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Zdenya is a character in Tyranny.


Zdenya turns and approaches you, her lithe body moving fluidly as she walks. She stops before you, her stance solid and sure, but you see she is standing lightly on her feet, ready to move if necessary. She never takes her eyes off of you, but you know she is acutely aware of her surroundings.

The Master of the Forge was trained at a young age to be a warrior, but never felt the calling - except when she was instructed on how to repair her gear. As she learned the fire's power to shape metal, she realized that she would be none else, but a Forge-Bound smith.


This character is involved in quests. Blades of Iron, The Symphony of the Forge, The Forge Master's Prize, Forging an Alliance
Iron and Blood, Blood and Bronze, Assault on the Crossing, Guardian's Return
Forbidden Passage, Finding a Madman, Finders Keepers, Crossing the Oldwalls


  • Blades of Iron: Zdenya is the crafter of the Magebane and installs it at the Crossing.
  • Iron and Blood: And is promptly taken hostage when Raetommon and his Bronzemen invade the Crossing to snatch it. She does put up a fight, giving him a black eye and a broken nose for his trouble.
  • Forbidden Passage: Zdenya is found at the end of the long trek through the Oldwalls, held captive by Raetommon. Apparently, he plans to use her to rebuild Lethian's Crossing once he's done wrecking it.
  • The Forge Master's Prize: Zdenya is confronted at the Forge, but refuses to relinquish the Helm to you without first dealing with the Bane at the Oldwalls. She leaves to install the Helm.
  • Assault on the Crossing: Same as "Iron and Blood".
  • Finders Keepers: Same as "Forbidden Passage", with the additional development that you can allow Raetommon to take her along after sparing him.