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Wounds are powerful afflictions that last until the Fatebinder's party rests or the Wounded character gains a level. Each Wound reduces a character's (Fatebinder and companions) maximum health.

Wounds can stack, adding their penalties together and making it hard for a character to continue through combat. When a character gains enough Wounds, the party should consider Resting.

Wounds are gained when a character falls unconscious - when their Health reaches zero during combat. On harder difficulty settings, Wounds are also acquired when a character's health falls too low.

Characters die permanently if they have 10 Wounds. While an earlier save must be loaded if the Fatebinder dies, the game can continue if companions die; companions' deaths are noted in the ending slides.

As of the final patch, a bug remains in that exiting and then reloading a save will reset the number of wounds to 1 (if the previous value is higher than 1).