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Vittles is a fresh Chorus recruit appearing in Tyranny.


Pale and wide-eyed, Walden is a fresh Scarlet Chorus conscript takes slow, deep breaths as he shuffles with nervous energy. As soon as your eyes meet his, he looks away in a panic, bowing his head and turning his body aside.


This character has other interactions.

Two Tooth can be confronted over Vittles and his status as a conscript.

Other interactions[]

  • Before resolving the situation, you can give Vittles "some pointers"
    • You can give Vittles 50 copper for Minor This decision grants FavorSymbol scarletchorus.png.
    • Strike Vittles a couple times and you can gain Minor This decision grants FavorSymbol scarletchorus.pngand some RARE Minor Bleden Mark favor.
      • Note that concluding with "Nice one, kid..." will leave other dialogue options open, while pushing with "Again." will harden Vittles, closing off dialogue.
  • When talking to Vittles, you can confront Two Tooth over the boy's status. Two Tooth insists he's 15, meaning he's fit for service. The player can:
    • Use Lore 36 to point out that Vittles did not serve in the Watch (as is the custom in the South, where all non-seafaring men have to serve in the Watch from their 15th birthday).
    • Point out the date of birth (418). Mention that it means he's underage. You can follow up with Lore 26, pointing out that Two Tooth is responsible for Vittles' safety.
    • Use Athletics 36.