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Verse is designed to be a mobile damage dealer. Her Talents are designed to maximize her as either a ranged or melee combatant.

Starting talents[]

Verse is unique in that she starts with three battle stances.
Talent Effect Points required
Unlocked by default
Unlocked by default
Unlocked by default


Talent Effect Points required
Two 120% Damage attacks
Weak Interrupt
+15 Armor Penetration
Target is enraged and taunted 1
+2 Parry and Dodge when damaged 1
Strike two times with attacks after kill 1
+50% Move speed and immune to engagement 1
Two 80% attacks
Target is sent prone
100% Riposte chance in melee combat when attacker misses 3
+15% Dual Wield damage 3
Verse swaps positions with an enemy
Deliver two 80% Damage attacks
Target is bleeding
On critical hit with weapon:
3-6 Crush damage on foes in a 1.5m radius
+2 Parry, Accuracy and Dodge when damaged (stacks) 6
Strike three times with basic attacks after kill 6
Two 50% attacks
Target receives +2 Raw Damage every 3s after each hit
On defeat: Deal 18-26 Slash damage vs. Dodge to enemies in a 2.5m radius 9
+15% Deflection against Grazes
+15% Precision for Grazes
+30% Dual Wield damage 9
Modifies Fury's Rush:
Deal 50% primary weapon damage to enemies in a 2.5m radius
200% Damage attack
Target is bleeding


Talent Effect Points required
120% Damage attack with Fire damage subtype
Target is burning
100% Damage attack that leaves target hobbled 1
120% Damage attack
Target is bleeding
+2 Ranged Armor Penetration with Bows 1
+10 Dodge when wearing only light armor 1
No Recovery penalty for switching weapons
+10 Accuracy
+20% Experience gain with Athletics, Bows, and Dual Wield for all party members 3
Immunity to Magefire, Burning, and Bleeding 3
+25 Defense when disengaging
Use Dodge instead of Parry for melee attacks when the former's higher
-100% Recovery while moving
+25% Move Speed
+15% damage against afflicted targets 6
200% Damage attack that leaves the target stunned
Bows only
+30 Dodge while wearing only light armor 6
Summon one of Verse's Fury sisters
Deal 100% primary weapon damage to enemies around Verse
+4 Ranged Armor Penetration 9
50% chance to reflect ranged Grazes against attackers 9
120% damage attack that leaves foes in the target area burning 12