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Verse is one of the companions. Verse represents the bravado of the Scarlet Chorus. She’s constantly proving herself, challenging others, prodding for weaknesses, and delighting in the social power play within Kyros’ more volatile army. Her free spirit and playful sarcasm make her a fitting counterpoint to Barik and his iron walls of emotional repression. Her name is a compliment from the Voices of Nerat, who – in one of its more artistic idiosyncrasies – is said to hear music in the shrieking and howling of battle. Nerat said that her voice in that 'music' stood out louder than anyone else’s, and contained too many parts to be easily defined.[1]


Like all members of the Chorus, Verse started out as a civilian in the southern continent of the Tiers – an ordinary girl on an ordinary farm, worked hard by a single mother. When the sun went down, she liked to sneak out to the barn and take a knife to the farm animals, always sensing that she was destined for something more. When the armies of Kyros arrived and started conscripting from the local populace, Verse recognized her calling. She left the farm after strangling Widderbeak, her mother's old messenger beak that squawked in her window every night, keeping her awake (his feathers made for a good headdress and the carcass feed for the mice it used to eat) and strode into a Chorus camp, enlisting. After a week of butchering her neighbors, Verse moved on with the camp and participated in the conquest, first as a horde member, then a Scarlet Fury, selected for training by Voices of Nerat itself.[1]

As a Scarlet Fury, she was one of the elite fighters in the Chorus, possessing training in all manner of exotic weapons and fighting styles. Combat for Furies is an art form, a coordinated dance ruled by passion over reason or tactics. Together with three other Furies - Three Whispers, Red Geyser, and Seeking-Sheath - she formed one of the most effective combat units participating in the offensive. Each one's style complemented the other three's perfectly, allowing them to fight with unparalleled coordination. Their killing streak lasted throughout the conquest, ending only when they ran into Vendrien Guard stragglers. Verse hesitated when they came across them, freezing with her blades drawn. Without her support in combat, all three Furies were overwhelmed by the Guardsmen and killed.[1]

What happened next is something that scared Verse, a battle hardened killer. As her sisters fell in battle, she felt that their skills were passing into her, not as a simple memory, but as if she was consuming their skills as they bled out on the field of battle. She was aware of her talent for learning, of course, as she could learn how to properly wield a spear merely by watching a warrior practice with it. But it was then and there that she realized the extent of it - and it frightens her. The skill is eerily similar to that exhibited by the Voices of Nerat, the one being that never ceases to strike fear into Verse's black heart. A trained killer who did everything for the Chorus, including skinning prisoners to make canvas for tents, shirks back when even considering the possibility that she's similar to the monster that leads the Chorus. After all, she killed and fought for everything she has, whereas Nerat is an overgrown parasite, stuffing itself with knowledge it has no right to call its own.[2]

Yet one thing is undeniable: It was Nerat who singled her out for Fury training and it's Nerat who has a keen interest in Verse and her skills.[3]


Verse's living family members are a father whom she's never met, and a half-brother: Barik. She learnt of it after hunting down missive birds and recovering a letter to Barik. The handwriting was identical to a missive Verse remembered from her mother's belongings. After some heated words and a blackmail attempt, the two settled into a coexistence that's as dysfunctional as a repressed Northern hothead and a borderline psychotic Tierswoman can be.[4]

Part of the divide between them is that she earned her rank through hard work, rising from a conscript to one of the most capable killers in the Chorus, fighting off rapists, thieves, muggers, and cocky recruits along the way. All she has - her rank, position, and Nerat's trust (or what passes for it) - is a result of said work. As a result, she despises the Disfavored, particularly when they boast about their pedigree and all the perks they receive simply because the right sword ended up in the right scabbard. She fights to keep what she has every day; the Disfavored don't.[5]


This character is a party member.
This character trains skills. Regular trainers can train skills up to 75.

Dual Wield or Bows (+5 skill levels once)

This character starts quests.

The Fire Inside
The Third Degree


  • Verse is found at the Edgering ruins, fighting a group of Vendrien Guard troops. She is the first party member to be recruited and will remark on Conquest decisions made. For instance, she will reveal that she was the leader of the Chorus gang that got attacked by Cairn's Stonestalkers (if you permitted the Chorus to go after them in Azure).


Combat role[]

See Verse talents for a complete breakdown of Verse's talents.

Verse is a multipurpose fighter, designed for melee and ranged combat and excelling in both. She can weave in an out of each role - melee assassin or ranged archer - without any loss of efficiency. Her two Talent trees are designed to emphasize this utility while allowing her to be specialized towards either short or long range combat (Duelist and Skirmisher trees respectively).

Notably, she's a bit of a glass cannon, deadly on the attack, but vulnerable in sustained engagements. Use her like you would cavalry: Striking hard, fast, then pulling back to strike again.

Other interactions[]

  • Verse will travel with you and offer commentary from the perspective of a slightly unstable Scarlet Chorus member. She's very useful for gaining insight into the Chorus' mentality, especially in situations that involve other members of the faction.
  • Verse is a spy for Voices of Nerat, embedded in your company to watch you. She isn't clear on his motives for doing so.
  • With Loyalty level 2, Verse will offer you training (dueling) in Dual Wield and Bows, adding a free 5 points in each skill.
  • You can learn that she and Barik are related with high loyalty or have her and Barik practice fighting together, unlocking the unique Arrow Storm ability.


  • Starting the rebel quest line (by letting Pelox Tyrel go) and The Oathbreakers reduces loyalty and increases fear by an average amount each.
  • Conquest
    • Assassinate the Queen during the Apex campaign.
    • Permit the Chorus to hunt down and apprehend Stonestalkers in Azure during Year 3.
  • Quests
  • Interactions
    • At Edgering ruins, compliment her practical approach to looting enemies.
    • At Disfavored camp, use Lore to ask her if she's Nerat's spy and be truthful about your purpose there, then give her the wording of the Edict. Once the matter comes to Archons, be firm about your desire to bring them in line.
    • When talking to Iron Marshal Erenyos, side with Verse when she complains about the treatment she receives from the Disfavored, despite her long service.
    • Agree to the trial by combat for Lantry's freedom.
    • Allowing verse to decide Essa's fate is one of her two possible Very Major loyalty boosts


3x lesser healing potion
2x Scarlet Poison


Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
By Our Powers Combined.jpg By Our Powers Combined Successfully use a combo ability with each Companion in the game.
Inspiring Leader.jpg Inspiring Leader Reach maximum Loyalty with a Companion.
Magnetic Personality.jpg Magnetic Personality Recruit every Companion character in the game.
Tyrant.jpg Tyrant Reach maximum Fear with a Companion.


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