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Undaunted is a quest in Tyranny.


The former kingdom of Stalwart is littered with countless ruined weapons scattered across its battered plains. Somewhere in the rusted waste of the Blade Grave lies the Dauntless, an Unbroken blade of legend. Bleden Mark said that if you were to acquire it, you will strike fear into the hearts of all who face you.


Note that if you betray the Scarlet Chorus at Trapper's Junction, you'll skip this quest.

  • Travel to Sentinel Stand. Head northwest to the windwall. Defeat the Bane that attack you.
  • Approach Janos on the battlements. Talk to him and he'll explain the situation, pointing you to Captain Agathon at Duskwatch.
  • Approach the fort and talk to Agathon. Your only recourse is to attack, as he will refuse to surrender information of his own free will. For bonus points, break down the gates with 37 Athletics.
  • Kill everyone in the fort to be able to talk to Callias. Talk to him. Osmios arrives and demands you stand down; you will be forced to kill him and his cohort.
  • Interrogate Callias to learn that your next stop are the Rust Canyons and Elia.