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As per tradition, Obsidian's Tyranny features numerous endings for all the major factions, companions, and Archons.


Endings are shown sequentially, in the following order:


Challenge ending Fealty ending
The Tiers have been conquered, unified at last, under a single banner.
Your Edict brings devastation and ruin to the Northern Empire.

Some believe the Edict to be Kyros' work, others hope, or fear, that this Edict comes from a new voice.

Word of your victory reaches the ear of Kyros...

...As does your declaration of fealty and obedience to the Overlord.

Kyros' forces withdraw from their march upon the Tiers, as they are sent into disarray by your Edict. In answer to your surrender, Kyros' armies halt their advance on the Tiers, and withdraw to their garrisons.
Chorus ending: United under the Scarlet banner, the Tiersmen are reborn as your loyal servants, bound to you by fear and shared victory.

Disfavored ending: You have brought order to the Tiers, uniting the realms with the Disfavored legion enforcing your will.

Rebel ending: The majority of the Tiers are united under your banner, and old animosities put aside... for now...

Anarchist ending: With none left in the Tiers to challenge your claim, you fortify your grasp on the war-torn realm.

The Overlord's conquest of the known world has come to a halt, and the whisper of a challenger to Kyros' power slowly spreads throughout the land. The whole of Terratus now finally rests in Kyros' grasp. The conquest is, at long last, complete.


Ending Requirements
While the Disfavored and Scarlet Chorus argued, unable to decide on a plan of attack, thereby delaying their assault on the citadel, Kyros' Day of Swords came to an end. When the last of the sunlight fell behind the mountains, the weight of the Overlord's Edict descended upon all who remained in Vendrien's Well. As a price for failing to satisfy Kyros' demands, everyone in the valley was struck down.

When the remnants of the Tiers finally succumbed, this moment was spoken of as the point when all resistance to Kyros ceased.

Fail to complete Act 1 before the deadline

Northern Empire[]

Ending Requirements
Days after the declaration of your victory, the Mountain Spire becomes a bustling hub of incoming peace delegations and missive birds, as your newly-conquered vassals compete for your favor with obsequious displays of fealty and flattery. In the flood of missives comes a single, wordless message bearing the seal of Kyros. It depicts a map of Terratus, with all the districts of the known world carved up, each assigned the symbol of an Archon. Your symbol is illustrated atop the peninsula of the Tiers.

Actions speak louder than words, and on the day you receive the map from Kyros, your scouts report that the armies marching upon the Tiers have reversed course and disbanded.

Proclaim fealty to Kyros through the resonator instead of casting an edict upon the North.
Casting the Edict of Storms wreaks havoc on the northern capital. The winds whip in a sudden frenzy and toss unsuspecting citizens through the air, dashing them back down in the rubble of leveled buildings. Temporary settlements take in refugees fleeing the devastation from the now uninhabitable city. Survivors all ask the same question - why did the Overlord allow this to happen? Cast the Edict of Storms on Kyros' Empire
Your Edict of Nightfall shrouds the northern capital in unending darkness. While some remain in their homes and beg Kyros for salvation, those less hopeful make for brighter parts of the Empire, seeking the warmth of the sun and wondering how it was that the Overlord could not protect them. Cast the Edict of Nightfall on Kyros' Empire
Your Edict of Fire ignites an unstoppable conflagration in the northern capital, reducing buildings to cinders and sending walls of fire through populated streets. Before anyone knew what was happening, the flames had already burned out of control. All who suffer cry out in agony and confusion that Kyros would allow such a fate to befall the city. Cast the Edict of Fire on Kyros' Empire
Your Edict of Stone shakes the ground under the northern capital - a quake that builds in such ferocity that massive sinkholes open under the bustling city, swallowing whole districts. As citizens flee in terror, mages attempt to help but find their arcane powers dampened to the point of uselessness. Even as they cleave to falling structures or run from widening fissures, all wonder why Kyros offers no deliverance. Cast the Edict of Stone on Kyros' Empire
By casting the Edict of Malediction on the northern capital, you consign the Overlord's city to an invisible plague of misfortune and calamity. The foundations of once-proud buildings fracture under some unseen pressure, and whole districts empty as the city's infrastructure crumbles. Laborers brought in to repair the damage find their work undone hours or even minutes later. Citizens leave the city a ghost town, and whisper among themselves how Kyros could allow such a curse to infect their homeland. Cast the Edict of Malediction on Kyros' Empire


You fulfilled Kyros' decree and all the Tiers is now ruled by a single Archon. Your former rivals have either submitted to you or perished, bringing the civil war to a close.


Ending Requirements
It was thought the Disfavored would never rally under another General, but by enlisting Graven Ashe to your cause, you managed the next best thing - controlling the Archon to harness the strength of the Northern Empire. You reorganize their old-fashioned regiments with a new chain of command, placing yourself at it's highest authority. The legion's victories spread beyond count and your soldiers train hard, preparing for the retaliation to come. Side with the Disfavored and convince Graven Ashe to submit
In their pride, the Disfavored never imagined themselves beaten - especially when their opponents appeared so disorganized. The last remnants of the legion disperse, their General destroyed, their honor broken beyond mending. The scorn that follows their humbled ranks haunts them even in the depths of obscurity. Kill Graven Ashe and destroy the Disfavored

Scarlet Chorus[]

Ending Requirements
You earned the loyalty of the Scarlet Chorus by subduing the Voices of Nerat. The mob bosses pledged themselves to your cause, presenting limbs and riches as tribute. Unsuited to peacetime, your personal army continues to swell its ranks through bloody conscription, brutalizing the Tiers and preparing to stand against Kyros' inevitable retaliation. Side with the Scarlet Chorus and sacrifice a companion with loyalty 4 or higher to Nerat
The Scarlet Chorus, true to form, were quick to change allegiance once the Voices of Nerat died. They pledged their devotion to you, hoping to gain your favor. In the months following your victory, emissaries of the surviving gang bosses present offerings and totems of fealty. But without a devoted taskmaster to keep them in line, their flimsy power structure collapses, reducing the Scarlet Chorus to a whisper of its former strength. Side with the Scarlet Chorus and kill the Voices of Nerat
The Scarlet Chorus may have been mighty in numbers, but that didn't stop you from thoroughly scattering them - cutting off the serpent's head and sending each of the gangs howling back to the chaos they sowed. How the remnants of the Horde occupy themselves without a war to fight becomes a topic for nightmares. Not side with the Scarlet Chorus and kill the Voices of Nerat


Ending Requirements
With Cairn's essence preserved and the land of Azure permanently blighted, the Earthshakers return to the Disfavored.

While their reputations isn't what it used to be, their success in dealing such a decisive blow to the Scarlet Chorus by removing their main source of food has earned back the respect of the legion. The Earthshakers are accepted back into the ranks of the Disfavored, once again becoming part of the army that helped subdue the Tier.

Complete the game as a Disfavored ally
The death of the Radix is a huge blow to the Disfavored. Without the support of the mage guild, the legion finds itself outclassed for the first time, and suffers on the battlefield. Kill Radix in the Stone Sea
Recruiting the Earthshakers for your army ensured that your arcane fist remained intact and they were instrumental in helping you defend Lethian's Crossing when Graven Ashe sent the Disfavored to attack. Choose to ally with the Earthshakers during the Rebel path
After your victory in the Tiers, Radix tries to institute the same structure of order on the Earthshakers that served him so well in the Disfavored. Unfortunately, his rigid rules cause such friction within the order that the mages quickly tear themselves apart. Choose to ally with the Earthshakers during the Rebel path and don't kill Caedis during Forging The Way
Under Isadora's direction, the Earthshakers flourish in the years following your victory in the Tiers. She abolishes the rigid structure that once held the mages down and allows them to experiment and explore their powers. The Earthshakers spread quickly throughout Terratus, becoming a group of power and renown. Choose to ally with the Earthshakers during the Rebel path, kill Caedis during Forging The Way and then kill Radix during Fortifying the Sea

Stonestalker Tribe[]

Ending Requirements
By letting the Edict of Stone persist, you allow the Stonestalkers to develop a nation of their own, where Beastmen are free to grow their culture away from human habitation. The tribe expands by welcoming the strong and expelling the weak, grooming their ranks for a prosperous tomorrow. The Stonestalkers grow in power, using the magic-infused crystals to fuel their spells. Do not dispel the Edict of Stone
With the Edict of Stone dispelled, you ensure that humans will once again populate the former Realm of Azure. The Stonestalker tribe is gradually pushed out of their new territory, and those who don't resist are enslaved, put to work rebuilding new human settlements. Dispel the Edict of Stone
As the strongest and oldest of their kind, the death of the Stonestalkers is a blow to Beastman cultures. Their demise also bring centuries of oral traditions to an abrupt end. The local tribes never recover from the terrible loss. Kill all Stonestalkers


Ending Requirements
With the prolonged stalemate against the Disfavored put to a close, the Unbroken are able to think of peace and freedom for the first time since the coming of Kyros. They govern their people with fairness and understanding that was absent in the days of the Regents. Occupy Sentinel Stand for the Unbroken
With the Unbroken all but destroyed, the former citizens of Stalwart threaten to slide into lawlessness. Kyros' forces stationed at Sentinel Stand manage to quell the worst of the uprisings, but peace under the nation's new leadership is resisted at every turn. Occupy Sentinel Stand with either the Chorus or the Disfavored
By claiming Sentinel Stand for yourself, your renown spreads across the region and everyone comes to know you as the liberator of the country's most iconic fortress. That you claimed it for pride instead of any tactical advantage is a point of contention which your harshest detractors never fail to cite in their long list of grievances. Occupy Sentinel Stand for the Fatebinder, during the Making a Stand quest

The Tiers[]

Under your guidance, those who resisted the conquest and sowed discontent are vanquished, their rebellion brought to a decisive end. Any lingering question of who is true ruler the Tiers is answered by your impact on the reconstructed nation.

Word of your success spreads beyond the Tiers as well. Even the most distant corners of the Empire whisper of the Fatebinder who rose to become an Archon and an Archon whose intervention shattered the conquest, making way for a new future in the devastated nation.


Ending Requirements
Uniting the Tiers under the banner of the Disfavored was never your directive, and yet you performed it admirably - consolidating the Overlord's forces under your rule and grooming the Tiers for their place in a new order. The same people who once hurled curses across a siege soon learn to think of themselves as part of a greater whole extending beyond their modest borders. Complete the game as a Disfavored ally
Uniting the Tiers under the banner of the Scarlet Chorus was never your directive, and yet you performed it admirably - consolidating the Overlord's forces under your rule and grooming the Tiers for their place in a new order. The same people who once hurled curses across a siege soon learn to think of themselves as part of a greater whole extending beyond their modest borders. Complete the game as a Scarlet Chorus ally

Earning the cooperation of the rebel factions fulfilled Kyros' plan of uniting the Tiers under one banner. The realization of this irony leaves you with many questions about the part you played, but precious few answers. You work to ensure peace in this new homeland, yet throughout your trials, the notion that you are part of some greater manipulation haunts you. Now you lose sleep trying to ignore it.

You turned your back on your career in the Overlord's hierarchy, disregarding years of advancement to help people of the Tiers. Your sacrifices paint you as a folk hero, a liberator, and the artisan of future change. When Kyros retaliates, you will have the support of your newfound allies to help drive back the onslaught.

Complete the game as a rebel ally
From your perch atop the ancient Spire, you can see hints of the Northern Empire just beyond the mountains. At your command, horns shout a triumphant cry across the valley - heralding the end of one long campaign and the beginning of another.

Without allies, the winds are especially cold atop your Spire. You await Kyros' inevitable advance, brooding over the decisions that led you to this point. Though the Tiers are a friendless place, they are indisputably your new home.

Complete the game as an Anarchist

Lethian's Crossing[]

Ending Requirements
Without interference from outside forces, Lethian's Crossing flounders under the control of the Bronze Brotherhood. What was once a thriving center of commerce for the Tiers quickly devolves into a lawless town prowled by mercenaries and thugs. Leave the Bronze Brotherhood in control; this ending also happens if you didn't do the Crossing quest chain in the Disfavored and Scarlet Chorus paths.
The Scarlet Chorus rules Lethian's Crossing with signature cruelty. They perform regular midnight raids against homes or businesses, making examples of the locals and keeping dissenters in check. Locked doors and shuttered windows become the new standard of life as the citizens grow into their new sense of fear and paranoia. Leave the Chorus in control of the Crossing
By leaving Lethian's Crossing under Disfavored command, you ensured the city's cooperation and productivity during the remainder of the conquest. The crafting of superior weapons comes to be the touchstone by which Lethian's Crossing is remembered. After the war, people speak of it as the Forge-Days, when the city was a lump of unformed metal waiting to be shaped.

With the Disfavored left in control of Lethian's Crossing, the production of iron remains where it belongs - safe in Northern hands. The Chorus and the Tiersman alike fight with inferior bronze, and over time the disadvantage grows to a crippling vulnerability.

Leave the Disfavored in control of the Crossing
Without any formal leadership in Lethian's Crossing, the people of Haven elected to govern themselves for the first time in ages. However, rivalries among merchants begun to spark violence without anyone to enforce order. As the town began to slip into further lawlessness Harchiand Bronze seized the opportunity to rally those that remained loyal to him and took control of the settlement by driving out those that disapproved of his authority. His brash and austere leadership ushered in a new age of modest prosperity for Lethian's Crossing, but at the cost of what some would call a new occupation of the settlement. Complete the game as an Anarchist
You allowed the Forge-Bound Master to live, as her life held no bearing on your greater schemes. With Ashe dead and the Disfavored floundering, the Forge-Bound also fail, having lost their main source of work. Eventually their numbers dwindle to a handful of skilled forge-workers who only take commisions from the very wealthy. During the Finders Keepers quest, as an Anarchist, choose to spare Zdenya
After granting control of Lethian's Crossing to your coalition, the city falls into a state of frequent disarray with pockets of order. While your allies are pleased to control the settlement, it will take time and work for them to grow out of their wartime rivalry and into the true mantle of shared leadership. Complete the game in the Rebel path
You lent your martial prowess to the battle of Lethian's Crossing. Recognizing that the attack would have been devastating without your intervention, the settlers praise you as their salvation. The city is renamed (Player Name)'s Crossing in your honor, and everyone who witnessed the battle speaks of you with the highest regard. Though the death of Matani was a blow to the Vendrien Guard, her loss is seen as a hero's death, saving the citizens she was sent to protect. During the The Defense of Haven quest, in the Rebel path, choose to save Eldian
You lent your martial prowess to the battle of Lethian's Crossing. Recognizing that the attack would have been devastating without your intervention, the settlers praise you as their salvation. The city is renamed (Player Name)'s Crossing in your honor, and everyone who witnessed the battle speaks of you with the highest regard. The citizens of the town never quite recover from the death of Eldian and a statue is erected in his honor with a plaque engraved with several of his favorite sayings. During the The Defense of Haven quest, in the Rebel path, choose to save Matani Sybil
By returning the Magebane helm to Lethian's Crossing, you ensured the Bane would not be able to get into the city. For the time being, the threat of a Bane incursion is dispelled. The settlers are grateful to go about their lives unburdened by this peril, though knowing how close they came to annihilation haunts them. They hope that the security you provided endures. Return the Magebane helm to Lethian's Crossing and leave it there
By withholding the Magebane helm from Lethian's Crossing, you sabotaged the city's protection against the Bane haunting its borders from inside the Oldwalls. Sensing the vulnerability in its defenses, an unstoppable wave of Bane invade Lethian's Crossing, wreaking havoc and causing a catastrophic loss of life. The few ragged survivors abandon the city to the Scourges, never to return. Take the Magebane for yourself
Sending the Forge-Bound Master to the Voices of Nerat strikes heavy a blow to the Forge-Bound and the very art of iron smithing suffers terrible setbacks. It takes many years to recover or re-learn the delicate subtlety of crafting fine weapons and arms. The Forge-Bound continue to create weapons, but their quality is suspect. Send Zdenya the Forge-Bound Master to Nerat

Stone Sea[]

Ending Requirements
The Edict of Stone continues to ravage the Stone Sea, sapping the land of arcane power and shifting the terrain at increasingly treacherous angles. Any evidence of the former Realm of Azure vanishes over time, until all that survives is a memory. Do not end the Edict of Stone
With the Edict of Stone dispelled, the earth settles around the Stone Sea - ushering a new age of verdant growth and prosperity. The country may never resemble the glorious Realm of Azure, but with new life, many new things become possible. Dispel the Edict of Stone
With the Edict of Stone dispelled, the earth around the Stone Sea finally settles, leading everyone to believe the Realm of Azure will return to its former glory. But the ritual used to end the Edict blighted the land to such a degree that nothing will grow, no matter how hard anyone tries. With determination, some are able to start small seedlings, but nothing ever comes of it. Dispel the Edict of Stone with Disfavored's ritual to blight the land

Blade Grave[]

Ending Requirements
The Edict of Storms continues to rage across the war-torn remains of the Blade Grave. Widely treated as an uninhabitable wasteland, the former citizens of Stalwart make for any territory that will have them. They wander the Tiers as refugees, their pride and dignity worn down by the same erosion that claimed their homeland. Do not end the Edict of Storms
Though it takes time to recover from the devastation of the Edict of Storms, the Blade Grave begins its slow march toward healing. The Realm of Stalwart may never resemble its former glory, but the land is not so blasted that something new and better can't be built atop the bones of the past. The Regent bloodline has ended. With it, new traditions and legacies spring to life. End the Edict of Storms

Burning Library[]

Ending Requirements
You eliminated the Scarlet Chorus that plagued the Disfavored troops in the Vellum Citadel, cutting a path through them all the way to the Silent Archive. Following your order from Graven Ashe, you destroyed the scroll, throwing it into the lava.

By taking the Silent Archive from the pedestal and disrupting the preservation spell holding the Vellum Citadel in stasis, you caused the collapse of the single largest repository of knowledge in Terratus. The world may never know the true extent of the loss.

Side with the Disfavored and throw the scroll into the lava
When you handed the Vellum Citadel to the Scarlet Chorus, you consigned centuries of knowledge to the pitiless treatment of marauding gangs. There is no telling how much history and lore their irreverent hands ripped from the world - you only know that the Scarlet Chorus took pleasure in their work. Side with the Scarlet Chorus
You played the Censor's game and emerged victorious, retrieving the Silent Archive from the Vellum Citadel. When asked to turn it over, you decided it was better off in your possession. Instead, you sent the Censor to Cacophony as a gift for the Voices of Nerat.
You played the Censor's game and emerged victorious, retrieving the Silent Archive from the Vellum Citadel. When asked to turn it over to the Voices of Nerat, you did so without question, sending it off to Cacophony with the Censor as an additional gift for the Voices.
Cooperation took the Vellum Citadel back from Kyros' forces and ended the Edict of Fire. Your work with Renata of the School of Ink and Quill extinguished Kyros' flames - permitting access to vaults of wisdom and the fabled Silent Archive. Claim the Library for the rebels
By giving the Vellum Citadel to Renata, you ushered a new era of prosperity for the scholarly Sages. The guild takes back their ancestral home with pride and gratitude, vowing to contribute their wisdom to help rebuild the Tiers and better educate the masses. Claim the Library for the rebels
By claiming the Vellum Citadel for yourself, you treated the repository of knowledge no better than the Sages of old - hoarding it from the deserving scholars and public who could benefit from history's most poignant lessons. You resolve to plumb the depths of the library's rarest collections, setting your every intention on secrets not meant for prying eyes. Claim the Library as an Anarchist
The Sages are all but wiped from the Tiers. What remains of their hoarded knowledge is vulnerable, as likely to be misused as destroyed. The damage done to the intellectual core of the region is likely beyond reversal. Though small groups of would-be scholars gain influence from time to time, the setback is ultimately too vast to overcome. Claim the Library as an Anarchist
Your travels never took you to the Burning Library and this leaves the Edict of Fire undisturbed, consigning the Vellum Citadel to a future engulfed by perpetual flame. With their arcane knowledge beyond reach, the School of Ink and Quill falls into steep decline, your name becoming a curse in their embittered ranks. Never enter the Burning Library region

Bastard's Wound[]

Ending Requirements
The Bastard's Wound recedes into the mists of history as unobtrusively as it surfaced. The scouts you send to plumb the depths report only a shallow, silent cave, the entry to the Oldwalls clogged with boulders and roughly hewn detritus.

You never learn what became of the small, factious community that budded there in the darkness.

Do not complete Bastard's Wound
Kyros' law states it plainly: the Oldwalls are forbidden. Your judgment fell on the trespassers in the Bastard's Wound as heavily as any blade, and those criminals havening there were slain to the last. In the absence of human and Beast infestation, the ageless structures surrender to an imperfect tranquility spoiled only by the muffled murmur of tainted waterways and the hateful wailing of the Bane. Kill everyone at Bastard's Wound for violating Kyros' laws regarding the Oldwalls.
Less a ruler than a stern matriarch, the mighty Reef-Talon rears her patchwork tribe on discipline and exertion. Beast patrols clear new paths through the depths, opening more of the Wound to settlement, and farmers cultivate hardy vegetables and fungi on every vacant plot of soil. Support Reef-Talon, and fix the water problem
Your watchful eye gives Reef-Talon the confidence (and the authority, however remote) she needs to lead the Wound. Though she never finds a permanent solution to the problem with the water, she helps the others keep up with the community's demands.

Under the Beastwoman's constant vigilence, the Bastard's Wound thrives.

Support Reef-Talon, but do not fix the water problem
Through your intervention, Jaspos, the self-professed Master of Knapping, ascends to become the most prominent voice in the Bastard's Wound. He trains any refugees with a hint of talent in basic masonry and craftsmanship, and through his direction, the settlement expands and fortifies.

Against all reason, the Wound seems poised to become a subterranean enclave of arts and culture.

Support Jaspos
Emboldened by your support, Tidecaster Wagstaff assumes the dominant role in the Bastard's Wound, slowly sculpting the subterranean community into a skewed refraction of the Academy of Tides. With time, the Wound attracts a small army of students and seekers, many drawn by the old man's offer to educate any willing to toil atop the settlement's growing structures, till its small farms, or take up arms against encroaching Bane.

Well-watered, the Wound thrives.

Support Wagstaff
You attempt to direct the Bastard's Wound community via occasional visits and regular missives, but the settlement's remoteness and the necessities of your prominent position doom your efforts to failure. Without your guidance, the Wound slowly turns on itself. Patrols go unled and food without water, and tensions rise. Some leave, some die, and some struggle on, but no one leads a contented life. Do not choose a proper leader
Wagstaff turns out to be an ideal steward. His lessons on history and mathematics attract willing workers to the Bastard's Wound, and he wisely balances the needs of the populace with their defense. With you watching over him, he does not try to twist the Wound to his ambitions, nor does he withdraw too deeply into his own studies. Under your shared guidance, the Wound flourishes, growing into an unlikely commnunity of scholars. Lead Wound yourself, appoint Wagstaff as your deputy
You offer Jaspos enough rope to hang himself, but he never takes you up on your offer. Knowing that you could arrive at any time and hold him accountable for the state of the settlement of Bastard's Wound, he strives to establish reliable sources of food and water and strong defenses. Under your shared guidance, the Wound flourishes, growing into an unlikely enclave of crafts and culture. Lead Wound yourself, appoint Jaspos as deputy.



Ending Requirements
Verse finds herself adrift in the relative peace that follows your conquest. She returns to the field and seeks out young women from rural communities, imparting her fighting skills to only the most passionate. Over the course of many apprentices, she follows the Voices of Nerat's example and forms a personal army - the Callous Sisterhood. Verse proves to be a strict teacher, and you hire her services often - confident that she'll take any assignment where there's blood to be spilled. Verse's Loyalty 3 or higher
No sooner do you declare victory over your enemies than Verse leaves your company, seeking allies whose sense of command better aligns with hers. You learn by word of mouth that she joined a mercenary band, where she rallies at the head of the vanguard - ever the first into the fray. The last word you receive from her is a dictated missive, where she strongly recommends that you stay out of her way. Verse's Loyalty 2 or lower, Fear 3 or higher
Nostalgic for her days with the Scarlet Chorus, Verse leaves your company with a cursory farewell. She wanders the Tiers in search of mercenary bands that can make use of her skills. Finding even the most hardened killers amateurish, Verse cuts her ties with society and hires herself out as a lone wolf assassin. Though she travels beyond all notice, you recognize her signature work in some of the more high-profile slayings across the Tiers and Northern Empire. Verse's Loyalty 2 or lower, Fear 2 or lower
The Voices of Verse upends the remaining Scarlet Chorus gang bosses, reconfiguring the leadership into a pattern that suits her philosophy of what the army needed to become. Through her strength and determination, the army grows until its numbers stretch across the horizon. Sacrifice Verse to the Voices of Nerat, Verse's Loyalty or Fear 4 or higher
You sacrificed Verse to the Voices of Nerat, who absorbed her conscious mind with parasitic enthusiasm. Her drive and ambition, her accomplishments and regrets, vanished forever into the Archon's insatiable flames. Sacrifice Verse to the Voices of Nerat, Verse's Loyalty 3 or lower
Verse fled your company in panicked haste and never returns, leaving you a companion short when you need her the most. Though you never settle your disagreements, you hear tell of her gangs and their skillful raids on the Tiers. You wish her well, hopeful that your paths will not cross under less favorable circumstances. Choose to ally with the Disfavored in Act 1, allow Verse to escape
You settled your disagreements with Verse, resolving to conduct the war as allies if not friends. She observed your progress with as much curiosity as criticism, and fought the civil war to its bitter end. Her ambitions diverge from yours, and it is not long after your victory in the Tiers that she departs to find the next worthy gang of miscreants. Verse leaves the party but convinced to rejoin
One of the Scarlet Chorus gang bosses who managed to evade the conflict rises up, rallying together a group of miscreant soldiers. Flying no banners and leaving no one alive to remember their name, her gang carves a bloody path through the realms, seemingly beyond the reach of any authority. Never recruit Verse
You allowed Verse to die at the hands of Graven Ashe. Everything she ever was or desired out of life was reduced to a crimson smear on the Archon's hammer. Let Graven Ashe kill Verse
With the death of Verse, the Scarlet Chorus lost a proficient killer and spy. In accordance with her wishes, no one offers funerary rites or words of remembrance. No marker tells of her passing. In time, the stories of her pursuits and accomplishments become legend, though only a meager handful remember her in life. Verse dies


Ending Requirements
Not content to enjoy the fruits of victory, Barik positions himself among the rank and file of your supporters, organizing troops around their strengths and making sure each pulls their weight. His armor clings to him as doggedly as ever, though he wears it with a straighter back and a lighter step than he did before. A team of loyal camp followers polish his plates to a respectable sheen each morning, and the smell that escapes his visor has notably improved. Medals of valor decorate his breastplate, and adoring supporters drape garlands of flowers about his pauldrons. Life is good for the towering soldier. Barik's Loyalty 3 or higher (not available if Never Free is completed)
Separated from his legion and lacking a sense of direction in your company, Barik parts ways from you and returns to the Blade Grave. He wanders the dunes of scrap and grit as if he left something unfinished. Debris clings to his armor causing him to double in size, making settlers in the surrounding countryside fear the walking battlefield. In time, Barik vanishes from the public eye - whether moving on or letting himself become one with the Blade Grave, you never learn. Barik's Loyalty 2 or lower, Fear 3 or higher (not available if Never Free is completed)
Barik remains in your service, though he avoids any trappings of command. He focuses on training any recruits who pledge themselves to your cause - breaking them of weakness and molding what remains into living weapons. He makes small talk with no one, and spends his quiet time tending to his armor - pitting himself against the incursion of rust and bending the plates into a more logical formation. The work never ends. Barik's Loyalty 2 or lower, Fear 2 or lower (not available if Never Free is completed)
At first, the Voices of Barik leads the Scarlet Chorus with hesitation and unease. He grows into the role - eventually assembling the gangs into a more defined hierarchy. No one in the bewildered horde challenges his orders, and in time they learn to organize not as a rabble of gangs, but as a proper army. Sacrifice Barik to the Voices of Nerat, Barik's Loyalty or Fear 4 or higher
You sacrificed Barik's mind to the Voices of Nerat, feeding another son of the North to the Archon's bottomless intellect. There is nothing left of your armored companion but a rusting shell of iron and an echo of detached awareness lost screaming in the forgotten void. Sacrifice Barik to the Voices of Nerat, Barik's Loyalty 3 or lower
Disgusted by your support for the Scarlet Chorus, Barik excused himself from your company and kept himself at a distance from your war. The most you ever hear of him are the reports of panicked gangs who speak of a statue of living iron that hunted them across battlefields. To the best of your knowledge, he hunts to this day. Choose to ally with the Scarlet Chorus in Act 1, do not convince Barik to join again later
You and Barik reconciled through an acceptance of mutual distrust. The armored warrior took part in your war, questioning your leadership at every turn as if amused by your perceived missteps. Barik remains at your side, but you doubt it will be long before he seeks out a new frontier. Choose to ally with the Scarlet Chorus in Act 1, convince Barik to join again later
The soldiers who never allied themselves to your cause find their own way in the aftermath of the war in the Tiers. You hear rumors of an armored giant who leads battalions of ironclad dissidents, but somehow he always evades your grasp. Never recruit Barik
The death of Graven Ashe left Barik a shadow of his former self. He follows you for a time, as much out of habit as reflex. All agree that there is nothing of him left under the iron shell. He departs your company without a word, assuming a position at a crossroads where he allows himself to rust as solid as any statue. Kill Graven Ashe, do not help Barik overcome his depression (not available if Never Free is completed)
You helped Barik come to terms with the death of the Great General. Of all the Northerners who survived the war, he took the loss of the Archon the hardest. After a period of deep mourning, he returns to your service and gratefully continues the work you started together. The soldiers who recognize him remember the legion and Graven Ashe's protection as they would a dream. Kill Graven Ashe, help Barik overcome his depression
With Barik's death, the North lost a son of pride and renown. His family receives reparations in the form of rings, but in a break with tradition, none of his gear makes the journey home. You bury him in Stalwart wearing his armor, forever as you remember him. Barik dies
Though freed of his twisted shell of bronze and iron. Barik seems little less morose. he moves forward from the Edict of storms only haltingly, attention half turned ahead towards an uncertain future and half behind at the choices that brought him here. The northerner remains dedicated to the oaths he's sworn to you, drilling your forces and commanding them on the field. If he isn't exactly loved by your troops he hold their respect.

In the rare times of calm, he takes leaves of absence from your service, scouring the Blade Grave for the fallen sons and daughters of the Northern Empire and laying them to proper rest. Though this somber task seems beyond the meager lifespan allotted to a soldier, Barik returns from each of these excursions standing a bit more upright.

Barik is freed of his armour, Graven Ashe Submits, Loyalty 4 or higher


Ending Requirements
Eb remains in your company, where she seeks out promising recruits among your supporters. After recognizing some obvious talent, she takes on a team of apprentices in a new school of would-be Tidecasters. Though she often jokes that the school is bound to fail with her at the helm, her students think otherwise - as do the many dozens of hopefuls who come begging for her tutelage. Eb's Loyalty is 3 or higher
The Voices of Eb is initially furious with her new role in the body of the creature that destroyed her former masters until she discovers them among the personalities in the swirling mist inside her.

This inspires Eb to start a new branch of Tidecasters - with every one of the old masters back in control. They quickly grow in power and acclaim and soon, with the might of the Scarlet Chorus behind them, become the mightiest mage group in Terratus.

Sacrifice Eb to the Voices of Nerat, Eb's Loyalty is 4 or higher, Tidecasters were consumed by Nerat during the Conquest
The Voices of Eb, furious with her new role in the body of the monster that consumed her, uses the new-found power to take out that anger on the Scarlet Chorus.

Over the course of a few years she makes a token show of conscription all while sending small gangs out on missions she never intends them to return from. Her efforts eventually result in the systematic dismantling of the Scarlet Chorus. Once she is finished destroying her army, she disappears. You hear stories of a strange creature roaming the Northern Empire spewing green smoke, but never confirm if it is the Voices of Eb or not.

Sacrifice Eb to the Voices of Nerat, Eb's Loyalty or Fear is 4 or higher
You gave Eb to the Voices of Nerat, allowing him to consume the last remaining Tidecaster on Terratus. All the potential she held to bring the practice back to the world was snuffed out in a puff of green smoke. Sacrifice Eb to Nerat, with less than 3 loyalty
Exhausted from fighting, Eb shifts her focus to the broken school of Tidecasters. She recruits as many talented students as possible, but apprentices are difficult to find in the tense, post-war Tiers. The few who are drawn to her teachings show promise and Eb has little doubt that the Tidecasters can return to their former strength in less than a decade or two. The going will be hard for some time, though. Loyalty 2 or lower, Fear 2 or lower
Disillusioned by your leadership, Eb sets off alone to revive the devastated school of Tidecasters. The work takes a hard toll as Eb struggles to explain her talents to one restless apprentice after another. Finally she gives up in a fit of frustration, snapping her staff over her knee and making for the waterways of her people. To the best of your knowledge, she resides there still - avoided by the locals as a dangerous recluse. Loyalty 2 or lower, Fear 3 or higher
With no true home left to her, Eb spends the years after your battle in the Tiers wandering the world, collecting apprentices, and attempting to bring the Tidecasters back from the brink of extinction. Spare Eb, but do not recruit her
Eb died and with her passing the world lost one of the most powerful Tidecasters it had ever known. Sadly, with no real family and no place to truly call her own, there was no one to mourn her death and her memory quickly faded from record. Eb dies


Ending Requirements
Lantry keeps a close watch over you, scribbling his account of your deeds and accomplishments. In his tireless quest to fill the Chronicle with history and knowledge, he follows you even into his twilight years and together you learn much about the world. You pretend not to notice Lantry's waning strength, though you find yourself pausing mid-sentence to let his writing catch up. He recognizes your generous ruse, and appreciates it in silence. Lantry's Loyalty is 3 or higher
Lantry shifts focus from writing about your accomplishments and spends more time with your Spires - contemplating their mystery and unraveling their secrets. The research he uncovers about your stronghold proves invaluable. Some days, you feel as if there are few secrets the old librarian has not already learned. With quiet satisfaction, Lantry persists in working - his wandering days behind him. Loyalty 2 or lower, Fear 2 or lower

Though Lantry still finds you an intriguing subject for the Chronicle, he feels that he's learned enough. He politely excuses himself from your company and returns to wandering the Tiers in search of stories and history in the making. You tell yourself that you're better off without the old scholar, but on quiet days you find that you miss the scratching of his quill.

Loyalty 2 or lower, Fear 3 or higher
The Voices of Lantry adapts to his new role with surprising ease. He surrounds himself with countless scribes and spends his days spouting off the knowledge from every personality trapped inside his new body. He also requests a dedicated apothecary and instructs him to begin creating. You're not quite sure what concoctions the Voices of Lantry has his assistant brew - and you're not sure you want to know - but you do notice one day that all his Sages are using a brand new emerald ink. Sacifice Lantry to the Voices of Nerat, Lantry's Loyalty or Fear is 4 or higher
You sacrificed Lantry to the Voices of Nerat, condemning one of the longest-lived and prolific Sages to a moment of frenetic chaos amid the swirling throng before snuffing out completely when you ended the Voices of Nerat's life. Sacrifice Lantry to Nerat without the requisite Loyalty
Your decision to send Lantry to speak with the Voices of Nerat resulted in the disappearance of one of the most prolific sages Terratus had ever seen. Though he is never seen again, you occasionally hear tales of a strange, old man extolling the virtues of cerulean ink. Do not recruit Lantry
The death of Lantry seemed to affect more people than you imagined it would. As word of his death spread through the Tiers, countless mourners show up at your Spire to pay tribute to the fallen Sage. Over time, more people from farther reaches arrive, some of them in positions of considerable power. You wonder what stories Lantry had in him that he never got to tell. Lantry dies


Ending Requirements
Without the threat of the Overlord's control, Sirin struggles with how to manage her freedom. Inspiration finally strikes her and she travels the Tiers visiting the small villages ravaged by Kyros' occupation. She sings to the frightened and hurt villagers, buoying their spirits and allaying their fears. Guilt for her hand in the horrors wrought upon the world by the Scarlet Chorus spur her on and her wonders become more and more spectacular. The Followers of the Songbird grow in number taking the message of peace and harmony throughout Terratus. Sirin's Loyalty is 3 or higher
Sirin grows quiet over time - speaking little and foregoing her songs as she distances herself from your military. One day, she simply walks out of camp and makes for the wilderness of the Tiers. Rumors reach your ear that Sirin has occupied an abandoned mountainside temple, her vow of silence drawing a small group of respectful followers. You leave her in peace. Loyalty 2 or lower, Fear 2 or lower
Sirin leaves your Spire without ceremony. In no time at all, she returns to her old habits of enthralling simple-minded farmers and soldiers. As you restore order to the Tiers, the Cult of Sirin becomes synonymous with ritual and madness - with whispers of human sacrifice trailing in the Archon's wake. As little as you know of Sirin's plan, you know enough to stay out of her way. Loyalty 2 or lower, Fear 3 or higher
The Voices of Sirin seems to be take(ing) her role as leader of the Scarlet Chorus with surprising grace until the day she begins ordering her followers around, making impossible demands and having anyone who strays from the letter of her request flayed in front of the army as an example.

Over the following weeks the gangs abandon her, striking out on their own, until she is left alone with a handful of the truly crazy by her side as she sings desperate songs, fruitlessly trying to force her army to love her again.

Sacrifice Sirin to the Voices of Nerat, Sirin's Loyalty or Fear is 4 or higher
The Voices of Nerat finally got the one thing he never imagined he would when you allow him to consume Sirin. She disappears into the cacophonous void with a sigh of resignation, unable even to put up a token show of resistance, knowing her life had simply led her to its logical conclusion. Sacrifice Sirin to Nerat with low loyalty
Sirin, the Archon of Song, never lent her voice to your cause. After spending time in Lethian's Crossing gathering followers, she disappeared from the Tiers before your personal conquest was done. Stories reach your ears occasionally, telling of a young woman with a hypnotic voice and you wonder what marvels you could have accomplished with her in your charge. Do not recruit Sirin
Sirin's death comes as a fitting end to a tragic life. With her family dead and her home destroyed by Kyros' forces, there is no one to mourn her and no spot to lay her body. Those enraptured by her song soon break free of her thrall and spread stories of the monstrous Songbird who controlled their minds. Sirin dies


Ending Requirements
Kills-in-Shadow shows little interest in cleaning up the Tiers after your victory. Instead, she takes it upon herself to hunt down every Disfavored soldier that will not submit to your rule. Word gets back to you of maulings and disappearances among Kyros' ranks, perpetuated by a beast of legendary ferocity. Though you could track down your wayward companion, you let her continue the work her own way - bloody, yet effective. Kills-in-Shadow's Loyalty is 3 or higher, Disfavored ending
Kills-in-Shadow shows little interest in cleaning up the Tiers after your victory. Instead, she takes it upon herself to hunt down every Disfavored soldier in the country. You hear frequent word of maulings and disappearances among Kyros' ranks, perpetuated by a beast of legendary ferocity. Though you could no doubt track down your wayward companion, you let her continue the bloody work out of equal parts respect and fear. (other endings) Kills-in-Shadow's Loyalty is 3 or higher, any other ending
With no desire to remain in the company of humans, Kills-in-Shadow returns to the wilderness and seeks out her own kind. She discovers a haggard community of Beastmen who abandoned the Realm of Azure, only to be enslaved by Kyros' forces. Out of his rabble of defectors she forges a tribe, their nomadic ways respecting no established border or law. They raid villages and caravans when possible, glutting on the spoils and boasting of their severed ties with the human world. Though a large bounty follows in the tribe's wake, you do what you can to ensure they are never found. Kills-in-Shadow's Loyalty is 2 or higher
Kills-in-Shadow always regarded your group as solace from enslavement to the Overlord. Now that the threat is dispelled, she wastes no time in separating from your thrall. Wild with delight for her newfound freedom, she rushes headfirst into a celebratory rampage of the countryside - butchering farmers, stealing food, and eventually setting fire to a small hamlet. Much as you would like to shield her from infamy, the tide of bounty hunters cannot be dissuaded. You hear reports of someone claiming her head, and only hope they aren't true. Killsy's Loyalty is less than 2
The Voices of Kills-in-Shadow quickly sheds the trappings of her human form, choosing to wrap herself in the skins of slain Beastmen to resemble the body she lost when she was consumed. She declares herself the Prima of her new tribe, renaming them the Scarlet Hunters, and gives them a new goal - the eradication of the Disfavored.

The Scarlet Hunters need no motivation to continue on their campaign of slaughter and eagerly follow their new leader into the Northern Empire, destroying anyone who dares stand in the way of their mission.

Sacrifice Kills-in-Shadow to the Voices of Nerat, Kills-in-Shadow Loyalty or Fear is 4 or higher
The last of the Shadow Hunters disappeared into the void when you gave Kills-in-Shadow to the Voices of Nerat to consume. There is no one to mourn her loss and any trace that might have remained is gone once you permanently extinguish the Voices of Nerat's light. Sacrifice Kills-in-Shadow to Nerat with low loyalty
After you defeated Kills-in-Shadow and sent her away in shame, she disappeared into the Stone Sea. Several years later, she reappears, leading a new pack of Shadow Hunters, ready to bring her line the glory she feels it rightly deserves. Defeat Killsy, but do not recruit her
You deemed Kills-in-Shadow not only unworthy to join you, but unworthy of life. With your actions, the Shadow Hunter line was brought to an abrupt and brutal end. Defeat Killsy and kill her
As the last of her tribe, the death of Kills-in-Shadow brought around the end of the Shadow Hunters. With no one left to tell stories of their victories in battle, the once-proud tribe is quickly forgotten. Killsy dies


Bleden Mark[]

Ending Requirements
The fealty of a killer like Bleden Mark leaves you constantly glancing over your shoulder. You gain a measure of comfort by retaining his skills as a headsman, keeping him busy with assignments that take him far from your seat of power. As the spans pass, you come to rely on his knack for rooting out agents of your enemies, and sleep easier under his watchful protection. Convince Bleden Mark to submit to your rule during Final Judgment
The death of Bleden Mark deprived the world of a most capable murderer. One less bedtime story to scare children is no significant loss, though you can't help but glance at the dark corners of every room and feel as if something is watching you. Bleden Mark will always cast a long shadow on your life. Kill Bleden Mark during Final Judgment

Graven Ashe[]

Ending Requirements
Graven Ashe continues to lead the Disfavored, this time bowing to your superior command. At first the old General balks at your instructions, but in time he grows to trust your judgement without question. Working together, you bring much needed order to the lawless Tiers. Side with the Disfavored and convince Graven Ashe to submit
The death of Graven Ashe means the end of the Disfavored. Without the comfort and support of the Great General, what remains of the legion sinks into hopelessness. The Archon's seat is left vacant, and whether or not it can be occupied again is a heated topic. Far from his place of final rest, the Northern Empire mourns its fallen son. Kill Graven Ashe

Voices of Nerat[]

Ending Requirements
Killing the Voices of Nerat spreads the joy of bloody vengeance across the continent. Celebrated as the death of history's greatest parasite, the occasion is marked by all who suffered under the oppression of the Scarlet Chorus. Even in victory, one thought nags you. Though you witnessed his death, you can't help but wonder if the Voices of Nerat is done with you. Kill Voices of Nerat
Allowing the Voices of Nerat to consume your companion turned out to be a tactical stroke of genius. What remained of the Archon of Secrets is yours to command, and together you inflict the fury of the Scarlet Chorus upon the last of the opposition. Some whisper of your strange betrayal, shocked that you manipulated your ally to such an end, but you don't heed the misgivings of the weak.


Swaying the Voices of Nerat to your side was an outcome that few could have predicted, least of all the Archon himself. With your companion steering the Archon's will, you bring the full power of the Scarlet Chorus to bear against your enemies, and learn a few trades from your unexpected ally. The Voices of Nerat - and his galleries of madness and wisdom - are yours to explore.

Sacrifice one of your companions to Nerat with Loyalty or Fear 4 or higher


Ending Requirements
Cairn, the Archon of Stone, remains hovering between life and death among the towers of the Stone Sea. Quakes persist across the ruins of Azure, and the former bread basket of the Tiers never returns to its former glory. Do not deal with Cairn in the Stone Sea
When you preserved Cairn's essence, you ensured that his teachings would benefit the Earthshakers long after the Archon's demise. Rather than being mourned or maligned in death, Cairn is celebrated for his contribution across every branch of arcane research. Preserve Cairn's essence in the Stone Sea
The memory of Cairn as a great force of destruction remains as a monument of inert rock. Most agree that the world is better off without the Archon of Stone as the people of Azure begin to slowly reclaim the land that was once torn asunder by his power. Kill Cairn (or what's left of him) in the Stone Sea


Ending Requirements
Tunon the Adjudicator continues to dispense justice from his seat in the Bastard City. He follows the laws you craft to the letter, advising on any of the meticulous changes you lack the time or the patience to draft. Without his aid, the task of keeping order in the Tiers would be nigh impossible. Convince Tunon to submit during Final Judgment
With the death of Tunon the Adjudicator, the Bastard City threatens to slide back into its lawless ways. Keeping the peace and imposing a new definition of order commands all of your focus. You learn to delegate the responsibilities to a new court of Fatebinders, who lighten the burden and make the Archon's absence a manageable setback. Kill Tunon during Final Judgment



Ending Requirements
Amelia returns to Graven Ashe's fort at Iron Hearth with her baby - the former heir of Stalwart. Her presence brings unease to the Disfavored, who didn't know what to make of a circumstanced traitor. How she navigates the future you imposed on Terratus will be her decision. Side with the Disfavored and spare Amelia's daughter
Graven Ashe's daughter is never seen again. His granddaughter flourishes under the care of your companion, educated and taught the ways of war in Cacophony. Though a possessed Archon is hardly the most nurturing parent, it will have to do for the time being. Send Amelia and her daughter to the Voices of Nerat, then Sacrifice your Companion to Nerat
Graven Ashe's daughter is never seen again. When the infant heir of Stalwart resurfaces in the wake of the Voices of Nerat's death, you assign soldiers to the task of her upbringing and education. You often study her from afar and wonder how you can leverage her potential to further your ends. Only time will tell. Send Amelia and her daughter to the Voices of Nerat, then kill Nerat
Amelia and her baby remain with the Unbroken, joining forces to bring Stalwart back to a semblance of its former glory. The Regency is ended, but an echo of its old dignity and pride still remain. There is hope for the blasted realm. Side with the Rebels and spare Amelia's daughter whilst ending the edict
To save her child, Amelia abdicated her claim to throne of Stalwart. Lacking allies or a mission beyond survival, she bundles her baby close and sets out to find a safer, less warlike frontier in modest anonymity. If the need arises she is ready to protect the precious burden with her life. Spare Amelia's daughter as an Anarchist


By enacting an Edict on Vendrien's well, you announced your power to the world and showed Kyros' forces what you were capable of. When you defeated their leader and scattered the army before you, it sent the message to Kyros - a new Archon is born. While the Edict dissipated, its effect will always be felt as the first true threat to Kyros' rule.

From your perch atop the ancient Spire, you can see hints of the Northern Empire just beyond the mountains. At your command, horns shout a triumphant cry across the valley - heralding the end of one long campaign and the beginning of another.