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Two Tooth is a character in Tyranny.


The hard-cut, wiry-muscled man is a gang leader like anybody else. Problem is, he has made the mistake of conscripting an underage kid into Voices of Nerat's service, against the Archon's laws.


This character has other interactions.

Two Tooth can be confronted over Vittles and his status as a conscript.

Other interactions[]

  • When talking to Vittles, the Fatebinder can confront Two Tooth over the boy's status. Two Tooth insists he's 15, meaning he's fit for service. The player can:
    • Use Lore 36 to point out that Vittles did not serve in the Watch (as is the custom in the South, where all non-seafaring men have to serve in the Watch from their 15th birthday).
    • Point out the date of birth (418). Mention that it means he's underage. You can follow up with Lore 26, pointing out that Two Tooth is responsible for Vittles' safety. T
    • Use Athletics 36.