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Twin Rivers Oldwalls - Depths is a location in Tyranny.


The depths of the Twin Rivers Oldwalls that dominate Haven.

Points of interest[]

  • Welcome, welcome to the depths. Loot the entrance area to find a Torn Piece of Parchment. Use the Amith Torchkey and Citrin Torchkey on the beacon, activating each of the floor plates that turn on (the northern doors opens with the Citrin, the western with the Amith).
  • The room to the north contains a trap, a level 3 Sigil of Cyclical Energies (Lore 57 required), a locked chest with supplies, and a beacon that requires the Saphir Torchkey. Defeat the Malice and its support to find the Sunlance and Dying Wish.
  • Down the western corridor you'll find a couple of mercenaries repulsing the Bane. Help them and they'll explain that they were left for dead by Raetommon. You can let them liveThis decision grants FavorSymbol bronzebrotherhood.png or kill them This decision incurs WrathSymbol bronzebrotherhood.png.
  • Loot the bodies and remains. The corpse in the corner has another piece of parchment, creating the Blood Stained and Torn Pieces of Parchment. Use the Citren Torchkey on the beacon to activate the switch in the corridor.
  • Further down the corridor is a locked room. Open it with the switch to find Garrick.
  • Opposite his room is a plateau accessible through an extended bridge. You will find the Rho Torchkey here, on a Bronzeman corpse. Use it on the beacon.
  • Grab the charcoal rubbing on the wall (Lore 58) to unlock the second component of the Spire sigil.
  • The next room contains a trap, a third piece of parchment to create the Combined Parchment and a Battered Bronze Brotherhood Armor for Garrick.
  • In the beacon room, use the Citren on the upper left beacon, Rho on the central, and Amith on the upper right beacon to activate the floorplate. Continue through the door, picking up the Scroll Fragment from the body and Research: Magic Sigil from the cupboard.
  • Further in lies the way to Lethian's Crossing Oldwalls - Antechamber.


  • Garrick, the lost Forge-Bound apprentice