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Twin Rivers Oldwalls - Brotherhood Camp is a location in Tyranny.


This section of the Oldwalls was converted into a base camp for the Bronze Brotherhood.

Points of interest[]

  • You enter into a Brotherhood watch and are addressed almost immediately by Flatfoot Ferris. Pass through him using force of arms This decision incurs WrathSymbol bronzebrotherhood.png or Subterfuge 57 This decision grants FavorSymbol bronzebrotherhood.png.
  • A hidden bag in the camp between the stairs contains the Banecaller's Manteau.
  • Use the torchkey on the beacon to open the door deeper into the Oldwalls. Head deeper into the area and use the purple torchkey upstairs. Use the floor switches to activate the bridges.
  • If you have the Ambir Torchkey from Oldwalls Breach, you can use it downstairs to activate another floor switch. This opens a chamber with a Research: Poison Recipe item, an Emerald Pin in the chest (opening it spawns Bane)
  • The lower level bridge leads to a beacon that can be activated with the purple torchkey. After fighting through the Bane, enter the opened door. In the locked container are Banetouched Gauntlets.
  • To access the recessed area by the room, you need to acquire the Emir Torchkey from Raetommon first, then circle back to the area. It contains the Sigil of Strength IV.
  • Follow Raetommon to Twin Rivers Oldwalls - Depths in the northwest section.