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Twin Rivers is a location in Tyranny, unlocked by completing Iron and Blood (Disfavored), Blood and Bronze (Chorus), Assault on the Crossing (Anarchist) or Guardian's Return (Rebels).


Haven's northeastern expanse is dense with tributaries that drain into the region's main waterways. Twin Rivers is the most prominent of these, though its proximity to the Oldwalls and occupation by the Bronze Brotherhood make it an infrequently-visited location. This location is the precise point where the Crossing river splits into its two branches.

Points of interest[]

  • You are asked to join the fray against the Bane immediately after arrival, by Brother Caelus. After dealing with the Bane (or both the Bane and the Bronzemen), you are free to explore.
  • The small campfire to the south requires Athletics 31 to access. It contains the Tangleroot Braid.
  • Ford the river with 57 Athletics. Find Welby to the north-east, fighting off Bane. She unlocks Deserter's March, where you can find Myrek and the keystone to the Twin Rivers Oldwalls.
  • In the north-eastern corner, you can climb with 52 Athletics to find Sandro.
  • The south-eastern section has a Malice, two Scourges, and two Wisps, if you need target practice.