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Tunon the Adjudicator is the commander of the Fatebinders and the Archon of Justice for Kyros.


Tunon the Adjudicator is the Archon of Justice and creator of the Fatebinders. Eldest of the Archons in service to Kyros, he has served the Overlord for over 400 years. He came from humble beginnings, starting as a scribe decades before his country was absorbed by Kyros' empire and ending as the foremost expert on law, a widely respected arbiter and drafter of covenants. By the time Kyros' armies arrived, Tunon has already woven Kyros' Peace into his nation's legal code, making the annexation a formality. Tunon was hailed as an architect of peace and referred to as Tunon the Fair for a time. However, when Kyros learned of the part he played in the annexation, she bestowed the title of Adjudicator on him and declared him the Archon of Justice.[1]

Though he occasionally participated in the expansion, such as when he orchestrated the annexation of the Tundra Sovereigns in 83 TR, Tunon's principal concern was the implementation of Kyros' laws and execution of justice. To this end, he fashioned the Face of Judgment, a metal mask that he would wear during judging to eliminate any outward appearance of bias. Over the years, he became a living incarnation of justice, cold, dispassionate, and as fair as humanly possible. As such, he outranks the other Archons and is empowered to judge them and settle disputes that arise. Interestingly, although every Archon can be challenged by an Exarch, none have been born who would challenge the Adjudicator and his role.[2]

His closest associate is Bleden Mark, the headsman of the Court. Their... Collaboration dates back centuries, sustained by immense respect between the two Archons. However, respect is not synonymous with friendship: Neither considers the other a friend and, in fact, it's not known if after the centuries Tunon is even capable of harboring human feelings. Or if there is even a man still under the mask and robes that seem to be ever-filled with smoke. Tunon doesn't like when the question is asked and others don't dare speculate.

Regardless, Tunon's latest assignment is in the Tiers, where he oversees the occupation and implementation of Kyros' Peace and governance. His quarters lie in the Bastard City, which thrives under his administration... Right after Tunon wiped out half the city's population in a brutal judgment that turned half the city's districts into crime-infested rubble.[3]


The Adjudicator's most infamous abilities are his judgments: terrible sentences that carry mystical weight, from encasing an individual in a block of ice to cursing someone guilty of arson to burst into flames. The only consistent theme of his power is that he only turns his magic on entities he's declared guilty of a criminal act; the Archon of Justice doesn't flaunt his abilities. Fatebinder Calio claims that he smells the presence of a criminal action on an individual. Some say he can see the final moments of a murder victim by drinking the juices of their eyes. Others claim he has an ear attuned to threshing truth from falsehood. All build belief in Tunon as a creature of law and justice, extending his power.[4]


Tunon carries two masks:

  • The Silent Face is his silver-colored mask. It is a patient face - a face for listening as Tunon presides over all matters brought to the court, taking great pains to ensure all sides of an issue are heard."[5]
  • Face of Resolve is donned in war and during particularly challenging affairs. Tunon's last known donning of the Face of Resolve was the moment he judged the districts in the Bastard City. Since then, he has ruled the Northern Tier justly, calmly, and with efficient diplomacy.[6]
  • Tunon is said to have worn a third mask in eons past. The face is rumored to have displeased Kyros and thus was destroyed - as happens to all persons and objects that displease the Overlord.[7]

Tunon's robes are notably unwrinkled - likely the effect of time spent hanging midair. The material is stiff and harsh against the skin. Though he acquiesced to wearing fine garments for the execution of his authority, he eschewed all of the luxuries or comforts that his position would have afforded. Bracers are made of coarse, unforgiving material. The palms are stitched with the wording of obscure laws, though you doubt Tunon needed any help remembering them.


This character starts quests.

A Trial of Archons

This character is involved in quests.

The Voice of Kyros
The Weight of Aegis
Final Judgment


Act II
  • The Voice of Kyros: Tunon summons you to the court to explain the situation that transpired in Vendrien's Well, then tasks you with unraveling the conspiracy that seems to be sabotaging the campaign in the Tiers.
  • A Trial of Archons: Tunon orders an investigation into the Archons' activities.
  • The Weight of Aegis: Tunon decrees that Barik is to remain in his armor, and that no subject of Kyros should help free him of it.
  • Final Judgment: Tunon will summon you to pass judgment on the Archons, and then stand trial for your own crimes. Consult the article for details, but there are two options: Either Tunon finds you guilty and you're sentenced to death, necessitating the deaths of Tunon and Bleden Mark (pursuant to any Favor/Wrath reactions) or... Tunon's core beliefs are shaken and he sees you as a new Overlord... Eventually humbly asking you to accept him as a vassal.

Other interactions[]

  • Tunon will summon you through a missive after you claim two territories for your alliance, requesting a status update. You can present some evidence and provide a preliminary finding, but it is not binding.


  • Appreciates orderly, fair behavior.
  • Interactions
    • At the Disfavored camp:
      • After obtaining The Battle of Echocall Crossing, use Subterfuge to feign disinterest when talking to Iron Marshal Erenyos. When she agrees that your services should be rewarded, select the reputation reward.
      • Rule that the Hordesman who claimed an Iron Walker helmet should give it back for one copper ring (after finishing both quests at Tripnettle wilderness and Echocall Crossing). Alternatively, with the appropriate choice during the Conquest, mentioning that the helm has a distinguished Disfavored heritage will also gain Favor with Tunon.
      • In the dispute between the Chorus conscript who wants his falx back and the Disfavored soldier who has it, rule that the bronze falx is a proper trophy but honor demands an alternative be provided.
    • At the Scarlet Chorus camp:
      • Argue that your services should be rewarded when talking to Fifth Eye and select the reputation reward.
      • Using Lore to identify Kyros' law of Magician's Folly, and rule that Bitter Quip is shielded by said tenet.
      • Get Quiet Shiv and Shivershank to stand down, citing the greater good of the conquest.
    • At the Bastard City, while talking to Lady Lucretius, pick "Kyros' laws were made to serve the masses..." and "Kyros defines the law..."
    • Pleased by extensive interest in Kyros' law and his execution of it (exhaust all the options in the Kyros' Law tree; Major Favor).
  • Quests
    • During The Voice of Kyros, immediately going to the Bastard City gives a boost to favor. Readily answering any queries by Tunon also provides small, but cumulative boosts to standing.
  • Dislikes chaotic, dishonest behavior. Particularly asking about the fairness of Kyros' law or about the gender of Kyros (both of which he considers irrelevant).
  • Dislikes lack of investigative skills.
  • Hates glaring silently at him. You're a Fatebinder; you're expected to be able to talk.
    • Note that other non-verbal actions will not anger Tunon. As long as he can see that you're doing something other than staring, you're good.
  • Dislikes questions about his masks.
  • Dislikes questions about his appearance under the mask.
    • Taunting him for not really answering your question (Major).
  • Dislikes bringing Kills-in-Shadow to meet Fatebinder Nunoval.
  • In fact, hates bringing Kills-in-Shadow anywhere near him.
  • Dislikes setting Left-Claw free (only if a trial is conducted).
  • Quests
    • Kill Bleden Mark (major). This is more relevant if you visited Mark at Ashweald before starting the trials at Final Judgment.
    • During Final Judgment, volunteering to execute the guilty Archon instead of letting Mark handle the execution.



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