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Tripnettle wilderness is a location in Act I of Tyranny.


Tripnettle earned its title from a preponderance of thick, stinging nettles. Though expanding settlers aggressively cleared the plant, the name persisted. Tripnettle is but one of several expansive forests in the valley, easily capable of obscuring rebel movements and operations. You determined that the Vendrien Guard have operated in this area, making it a prime location to secure.

Points of interest[]

  • Fake Limp and his team waits just by the entrance to the area.
  • Circle around the center to reach the entrance. Caution. Beyond the two Vendrien troops lies a trap. Enter scouting mode!
  • Further along is a troop of four Vendrien soldiers, with a trap in front of them. Standard procedure.
  • Head into the central area to find Pelox Florian and Pelox Travost. Talk to them.
  • After dealing with them (see the quest Taking the Outer Valley for details), loot the camp. Grab the Studded Iron Gorget and Gorethrust or Seeker from the crates by the back wagons.
  • Outside, there's part two of the quest. Meet the returning patrol!


Scarlet Chorus
  • Fake Limp, commander of the detachment of Choirmen at the Wilderness and one-time Verse ganger.
Vendrien Guard