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Treasure Hunter is a quest in Tyranny.


Arason wants you to search for the Everwell, a relic of Azure that's said to never run out of ink. He believes it may be found in Stone Down.


  • Head to Stone Down Gorge. Locate the waterfall in the south-west and dislodge the boulder with a metal pole or Athletics 52. Enter the drained pool to find the Everwell just near the Beastman's corpse.
  • Having dredged a relic of immeasurable worth from the depths of the Stone Sea, you can pocket the treasure by selling it to Arason or shop around the Gate for a higher price. Haygren will offer to take it back to profit the whole of Plainsgate, rather than just Arason. The choice is yours. Giving it to Haygren nets you the Sky Piercer, while Arason slips you the Hermit's Walking Stick and Bronze rings. One bronze ring equals 100 copper rings and 1/100 of an iron ring. 15 .