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Trapper's Junction is a location in Tyranny.


A long stretch of maze-like canyons riddle this area, frequently confusing travelers foolish enough to venture inside.

Points of interest[]

  • Welcome to the maze. Approach the battlefield before you to find a wounded Bronze Armiger. Talk to him to learn that they were pursued into the area and wiped out by Kyros' forces. Showing him compassion incurs Wrath from Bleden Mark (minor), so keep that in mind. He dies regardless of what you do.
  • Right to the north-east is a small camp. Wipe the occupants out. There's another checkpoint further west, at a dead end blocked by a collapse.
  • Jagged Remedy's camp is to the south-east. He's hostile if you're working against the Scarlet Chorus. He carries Jagged Remedy's Thirst and Jagged Remedy's Orders. Note that the camp is filled with Disfavored equipment.
  • In the center, you'll find two Bronze Armigers standing at the entrance to a barricade. Talk to them and if you don't attack immediately, they'll call Mattias over.
  • Down south is Irentis, who will ask you to recover the Dauntless blade (on the Rebel path), or has notes on him which will unlock the Infested Oldwalls (non-Rebel paths).



Behind the scenes[]

  • Global variables state that the area was originally named Augite Springs.