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Training grounds is a Spire upgrade in Tyranny.


Constructing Training Grounds allows you to recruit the finest skill trainers in the Tiers. Once built, resting in any Spire grants a bonus to Accuracy, Athletics, and Subterfuge.


  • The training grounds are ran by Trainer Rhys. The key selling point is the ability to hire master trainers for most of the skills in Tyranny.
    • The following skills cannot be trained at the Training grounds: Lore, Magic Staff, Control Atrophy, Control Emotions, Control Fire, Control Gravelight, Control Life & Control Stone.
    • Note that increasing skill points via training is limited per character level; once you have reached the limit for the current character level, the character has to reach the next level before you can further increase skill points by training. This means that you have to choose between improving your stronger skills for more character experience to gain a level, or brushing up on your weaker skills.
  • With New Game+, you can build the grounds just before resolving The Armies in the North, allowing you to save maintenance and still improve the Fatebinder for the next playthrough.