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The following timeline is compiled to present a chronological list of events for the world of Tyranny. See calendar for details on the dating system.

  • The Imperial Calendar is currently on Year 432 TR (True Reckoning) / 1284 AR (Ancient Reckoning). Kyros has not ruled for 432 years, but rather 70 years ago (when the calendar was disseminated), the Overlord decided to backdate the beginning of his or her reign, even though s/he has not ruled for 432 years. There is likely a personal logic or sentiment to this choice of false dates, but the true motivation is unknown.
  • To calculate the Ancient Reckoning date, add 852 to the True Reckoning date.

-852 TR[]

0 AR

-50 TR[]

802 AR
  • Kyros visits a Spire in the far south-east and activates it, starting to gather her powers.[2]

-39 TR[]

813 AR

-33 TR[]

785 AR

-31 TR[]

787 AR

-9 TR[]

843 AR

0 TR[]

852 AR

2 TR[]

854 AR

11 TR[]

863 AR
  • Kyros' Edict of Dust is the first Edict to affect the whole world of Terratus.[7] The antelope goes extinct.[8]

15 TR[]

867 TR
  • Estimated colonization of the Tiers beyond Stalwart and the Bastard Tier by war refugees fleeing Kyros' conquests.[9]

17 TR[]

869 AR

26 TR[]

878 AR

73 TR[]

925 AR
  • Thousand Embers disappears after a lifetime of destruction, assassinated by Bleden Mark. Several successor Schools emerge within three years of his disappearance. The School of Wild Wrath is the largest of those.[12]

83 TR[]

935 AR
  • The Tundra Sovereigns bow to Kyros, following a campaign overseen by Tunon.[13]

93 TR[]

945 AR
  • The Northern cannibals fall to the Overlord's might.[14]

110 TR[]

952 AR
  • Golbraith breaks the Edict of Sorrows, the oldest recorded instance of an Edict being broken.[15]

160 TR[]

1012 AR

201 TR[]

1053 AR

222 TR[]

1074 AR
  • A disciple of the Orphan Midwife migrate to the Tiers to spread her wisdom. The act is illegal under Kyros' law. It's one of many transgressions that lead to the Midwife's imprisonment.[17]

230 TR[]

1082 AR

238 TR[]

1090 AR
  • The Everwell is lost to Azure, after Sage Parsing Lark offends the Queen and loses his head. The Queen retains the relic and sends back a letter to the Sages, penned in Everwell's ink.[19]

246 TR[]

1098 AR
  • The Everwell is reclaimed by the Sages.[19]

253 TR[]

1095 AR
  • Battle of Nineth's Gorge: A force from the Free Cities attempts to seize territory from Stalwart by destroying an enemy force in an ambush with boiling pitch in the eponymous gorge. The situation was salvaged thanks to advance intelligence and a shield crafted to protect soldiers passing underneath it through the Gorge.[20]

282 TR[]

1124 AR
  • Kyros conquers Ikenar Pass by casting the Edict of Nightfall. The endless night results in a popular uprising that deposes the rules of Ikenar and brings it into the fold.[21]

289 TR[]

1131 AR
  • The Tarnished Flag incident occurs: A foreign delegation meets with Azure delegates on neutral ground and then promptly attempts to assassinate them. The Azure Shield is used to defend delegates.[22]

312 TR[]

1154 AR
  • Apex is nearly destroyed by an alliance of Haven, Azure, and Stalwart, eventually ceding much of its lands to its immediate neighbors. It reforms into an absolute monarchy under the militant House Vendrien.[3]

330 TR[]

1182 AR

347 TR[]

1199 AR

350 TR[]

1202 AR
  • The Everwell is lost by the Sages to Azure again. The manner in which it is lost is so humiliating and dimwitted the Sages are too embarrassed to record it.[19]

380 TR[]

1232 AR
  • The Edict of Twisting Grasses is broken.[15]

398 TR[]

1250 AR
  • The Battle of Quelling Field: A Free Cities army advances on Stalwart's farmlands and nearly wins the day. Dauntless is instrumental in repulsing the incursion, as its presence rallies the troops and bolsters morale. The resulting cheer among the troops convinces the mercenary army that reinforcements have arrived and it retreats in panic. The mistake is only realized days later, but the offensive never resumes.[26]

402 TR[]

1254 AR

428 TR[]

1280 AR
  • The Tanavon Mines are destroyed by Kyros' Edict, depriving the empire of the largest iron deposit on Terratus, until the discovery of Haven iron.[28]
  • Kyros' Empire invades The Tiers through The Gates of Judgement. Bastard City falls in short order and is chosen as his seat of power by Tunon the Adjudicator, following a devastating judgment of the city's inhabitants.[29]

429 TR[]

1281 AR
  • The Setting Sun, the first and strongest of the Free Cities, is crushed with the Edict of Tumult.[30]
  • The occupation of the Free Cities and Apex is completed.[31]

430 TR[]

1282 AR

431 TR[]

1283 AR
  • Smith's Day, 5 Span of Tempering (5/2):[34][35] The insurgency in Vendrien's Well begins. The Archons of War and Secrets are sent to quell the uprising. Bickering and surprising resilience of the rebels result in an Edict of Execution being issued by one of Tunon's Fatebinders.[36]
  • Judge's Day, 18 Span of Swords (18/4): The Fatebinder enters Vendrien's Well with the Edict of Execution in hand, to spur the Archons into action.[37]
  • The Mountain Spire is activated by the Fatebinder after breaking the Edict of Execution. Besides marking the first time in over fifty years that a Kyros' edict was broken, the Fatebinder would go on to become the Archon of Spires.[38]


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