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The Way of the Horde is a side quest in Act I of Tyranny.


The Scarlet Chorus Horde depend on recruitment to increase their numbers. However, due to the casualties and lack of prisoners in battle, their numbers have begun to thin. Death Knell, a Scarlet Fury, has a new tactic she would like to test out, if you are willing to participate.


  • Death Knell told you that villagers in this remote settlement were willing to join the Chorus. Find the settlers and convince them to join the Chorus.
  • Enter the settlement. The remote settlement is actually a Vendrien Guard hideout, and your presence has lured them out. Defeat the ambushers. You will have to face four of them attacking from all sides. Preferably fall back towards the entrance to get out of the archer's field of fire and attack the spellblade to the side immediately.
  • The Horde gang in the area knew all along you were walking into a Vendrien Guard trap - they just needed bait. Report back to Death Knell Knell and confront her about what happened. Regardless of whether you punch her or demand an explanation, you receive a twisted iron sword and a Cleansing Charm. Pressing your annoyance will result in an additional 550 rings.


You confronted Death Knell about her tactic to use you as bait to lure out the Vendrien Guard in the settlement.

  • Finishing this quest will force you to kill three Vendrien Guard soldiers, which results in a higher Wrath from them.
  • You will receive a twisted iron sword and a Cleansing Charm. An option also allows you to get an additional 550 rings.