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The Unbroken is one of the factions of the world of Tyranny.


The Unbroken Legion was the proud and accomplished army of the Realm of Stalwart. Citing their victories as evidence of skill, they prided themselves on never facing defeat while fighting on home soil. After the Edict of Storms tore apart Stalwart and twisted it into the Blade Grave, barely a twentieth of the Unbroken's former strength survived to continue the war against Kyros' forces. However, the Edict proved to be a blessing in disguise. It offered them cover, allowing them to slip past Disfavored patrols in the light of day, hiding their movements behind clouds of dust and debris.[1]

The Unbroken have no illusions about squirming out from under Kyros' thumb while the last Regent lives and seek to end his life - both to free the position of leadership for the taking and end the Edict of Storm that ravages the nation, giving them a chance to strike back at the occupying force - as well as sever the bloodlines that grew fat and powerful while Stalwart suffered under their yoke.


  • The Unbroken are the principal opposition (in the Disfavored, Scarlet Chorus and Anarchist paths) or allies (in the Rebels path) in the Blade Grave.
    • In the Chorus path, there's a split in Unbroken ranks as Mattias is recruited into the Chorus.


  • Most of the interactions in the rebel path will grant favor with the Unbroken.

Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Charismatic.jpg Charismatic Reach maximum Favor with a faction.
Intimidating.jpg Intimidating Reach maximum Wrath with a faction.