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The Ties That Bind is a quest in Tyranny.


Maric is loyal to the Oath Bound serving under him. He will not be satisfied until the surviving members of his unit have been returned to him and the betrayer, Jelena, put to death.


  • Head to the Burning Library to find Jelena, bound to a post. As it turns out, she didn't betray her comrades, but was tortured by the Chorus to reveal their location. You can kill her on the spot (she accepts the fate) or release her. She will stand trial before Maric if you retrieve the other two scouts from inside the library.
  • The first Oath Bound is located in the lower ruins, to the south-west, engaging a Beastwoman and a Choirman. Save his bacon.
  • The second is located once you return to the upper ruins, past Bone Whittler. Note that she will also unlock the Deserted Battleground if you were at the Citadel for Year 3 of the Conquest and sent the Scarlet Chorus to find the lost Oath Bound scouts.
  • Return to Maric. If you released Jelena, you will also decide her fate.
    • Order her death or pardon for This decision grants FavorSymbol disfavored.png and This decision incurs WrathSymbol disfavored.png respectively.
    • Use Lore to rationalize either outcome.
    • Or let her speak for herself. Sometimes, that is enough.