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The Silence of Secrets is a quest in Tyranny.


The Voices of Nerat has asked you to go to the Burning Library and bring back information contained within the Silent Archive.


  • Head to the Burning Library and speak with The Censor. This dialogue is the only time where Betray Alliance can be invoked for the region.
  • Enter the Library and make your way through it. The first barrier requires the incomplete passcode, found on a shelf near the dying Sage. Move deeper into the ruination, dispatching Fat Ulsten, Gaptooth, and Numbly as you see fit.
  • To reach the lower floor, use the rope and pulley. Assemble the passcode:
    • Upper ruins, on a shelf near the fissure.
    • Lower ruins, on the shelves to the northeast, near the Sage's statue.
    • Lower ruins, on the shelves to the south-west, near the Scourge.
    • Upper ruins revisited, on the shelves to the north-east.
  • Use the pulley in the revisited part of the upper ruin to reach the access area. Activate the runes in the following order (after dispatching whatever gang boss you didn't eliminate earlier): ↑ ↓ ← → (Sigils of Vigor, Fire, Force, Stone).
  • Head down to the Silent Archive. Follow the path to the little island, then confront the Censor.
  • Ascend the island and interact with the Archive. You can:
    • Seize the scroll and destroy the library in the process.
    • Analyze the active spell, then use Lore 55 to deconstruct its focus. You can swap any artifact in your inventory for the Silent Archive, and it will be consumed. (You cannot do this if you are on the Disfavored path, which -thankfully- you're not.)
  • Return to Nerat. The Censor will talk to you as you exit and you have to let her hold the Archive. She will give it back - all that's left is sending her back to Nerat...