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The Missing Shipment is a quest in Tyranny.


A Forge-Bound weapon shipment has gone missing. Lohara would like you to locate the shipment, which is likely somewhere in the forested region southwest of Lethian's Crossing.

Lohara mentioned that their weapon shipment was being moved through Deserter's March. Look for the weapons there.


  • Once you have unlocked Deserter's March, travel there.
  • Find Nikandros in the eastern part of the area. Collect the shipment.
  • Choose who to give the shipment to:
    • Return to Lohara.
    • If you are working with the Bronze Brotherhood, you can give the shipment to Locke at the center of the map after resolving things with Myrek. Average This decision grants FavorSymbol bronzebrotherhood.png, Average This decision incurs WrathSymbol forgebound.png