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The Final Hunt is a quest in Tyranny.


In light of Kyros' final decree, your path has been made quite clear: take the fight to the Archons of War and Secrets and be the only one left standing.


Bleden Mark's guidance:[]

Ignoring Bleden Mark or not accepting his guidance:[]

  • Bleden Mark will attack you at Tunon's Court during Final Judgment if your Favor with him is not high enough (at least 4 required), or if you attack Tunon. If high enough, Mark will address Tunon. If you played your cards correctly, Tunon will then declare you innocent and later swear fealty to you.
  • It is possible to earn the allegiance of all Archons except Graven Ashe (whom you can convict in Final Judgment to get rid of without a fight).

Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
From the Shadows.jpg From the Shadows Gain Bleden Mark's loyalty and have him turn on Tunon the Adjudicator.