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The Defense of Haven is a quest in Tyranny.


In the wake of your Edict and Kyros' decree to the Archons, the Disfavored have become desperate and invaded Lethian's Crossing. You have decided to convene a meeting of your coalition to figure out a battle plan.


  • Head to Lethian's Crossing. You'll be briefed by Androm on what you're up against.
  • Firstly, you'll have to choose between saving Eldian and Matani Sybil. Note that Eldian can remove Wounds, and give/take Magebane Helm.
  • Next, you'll have to choose between helping Lohara (if you selected her for Barik's quest, she will come back from the dead regardless) or saving settlers from a burning building. Shoot (use) the winch to drop the bridge down, then choose who to save with your bucket of water.
  • If you choose to save the settlers, enter the hut and talk to them (you can rest here).
  • Head to the Forge. Shoot out the winch again (the hut with the cries for help is an ambush). The next choice is between stopping Kallista and saving Pelox Florian.
  • Follow the topmost level to the entrance to the Oldwalls and choose between saving the settlers or dealing with the Bane that escaped.
  • Head down the Moonrise District and make your way through the Bane. Head for the last exit to the Market.
  • Head for the exit and face Anthimon. Kill him.
  • Return to Eldian/Matani Sybil in the market.