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The Conquest of Howling Rock is a side quest in Tyranny.


You have been denied access into the Earthshaker fort at Howling Rock. You'll need to find another way by which to enter the fort and take it from the Disfavored.


  • You can't jump over the gap, so it's time for a little bit of subtlety. Head south-east to the palisade and examine it. Rolo will recall a bad story of how he got sprayed by a Beastwoman with musk (don't ask). He will also share that Basilon has a staff of pure Azurelith that can be used to access the camp. Find the Earthshaker commander at Gulfglow Oldwalls, and kill him and his crew.
    • If you already killed him, the shard will be in your inventory.
  • Return to the camp and kill everyone. Sweep through the camp like a wave of death. Radix Ironcore will attempt to intimidate you; put him down.
  • You can preserve Cairn by not disrupting the ritual; he will remain in this state indefinitely. Or you can destroy the staves and lift the Edict of Stone, stopping the blighting of the Stone Sea and adding the Edict to your collection.
    • Your choice here will be reflected in the ending.
  • The quest is completed by either killing off the Earthshakers or disrupting the ritual.