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The Conqueror's Will
Edict of Execution.png
Quest data
LocationDisfavored Camp
Related quests
Welcome to Ruin
leads to:
The Battle of Echocall Crossing and Taking the Outer Valley

The Conqueror's Will is a quest in Act I of Tyranny.


Kyros demands victory at Vendrien's Well. As a Fatebinder of Tunon, you are tasked with delivering Kyros' Edict to the Archons of the Disfavored and the Scarlet Chorus. They must defeat the rebellious Vendrien Guard soon, or everyone in the valley, allies and enemies alike, will die. Make your way southeast through Edgering Fort and travel to the Disfavored camp where Graven Ashe and the Voices of Nerat are meeting to discuss their strategy.