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The Armies in the North is a quest in Tyranny.


It has come to your attention that Kyros has made good on her threat. Armies march from the north with only one goal: the utter annihilation of the Tiers.

Fortunately, you have the resonator at the Vendrien's Well Spire at your disposal. With it, you have the power to issue an Edict and disrupt the Northern Kingdom. The final victory may yet be yours.


  • Return to your Spire in Vendrien's Well (conferring with your chosen Archon or Tarkis Arri on the way). From there, you'll be able to issue an Edict to repel the armies of the Northern Kingdom.
  • Use the resonator to issue an Edict upon the Northern Kingdoms and thwart the incoming invasion. Alternatively, you can use the spires to proclaim your loyalty to Kyros in no uncertain terms, bringing the Conquest of Terratus to an end.
  • Congratulations, Archon.


Before resolving this quest, if you intend to have another playthrough, consider: