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That Which Remains is a quest in Tyranny.


Graven Ashe believes that the artifacts the Unbroken are looking for may help you enter Sentinel Stand Keep. He has dispatched soldiers to Rust Canyons, where the rebels have been hunting for the heirlooms of fallen Regents. Help the Disfavored take control of the Unbroken camp and learn more about the artifact hunt.


  • Travel to the Rust Canyons and meet with Teodor, commander of the Disfavored forces in the area.
  • Assault the Unbroken camp in Rust Canyons. Secure the area and kill all Unbroken soldiers inside. To obtain Teodor's support, you need to meet his goals: The Unbroken have men stationed outside the eastern camp gates in Rust Canyons. Kill the soldiers and free the Disfavored captives there. They will provide a key to a chest and information about a stash hidden near the Stalwart banner.
  • Attack the camp from the eastern gate to be able to take down the enemies one by one, but you need 36 Athletics to tear it down.
  • Wipe out the camp. Take it slowly. The guards by the entrance can be forced into a bottleneck by using the battlements.
  • To pull down the bridge, ascend the plateau and shoot out the Winch with 37 Athletics.
  • Head further into the camp to confront Elia. She'll retreat, leaving you to fight two Resolute Blades and a Sky Blade. Defeat them to claim the camp
  • Talk to Teodor. He will congratulate and give you Glory for your efforts. You can betray and attack him to claim the camp for yourself. Otherwise, follow the incline up.
  • Elia and some of her men escaped the camp as it fell, and are attempting to flee Rust Canyons. Follow their path north and prevent them from escaping.
  • You'll find her cornered beyond the junkyard, facing Jacomus. The end is plain: She dies, although you have to face a Resolute Blade, an Armiger, and a Sky Blade on top of Elia. Destroy them.
  • Interrogate Elia. With Lore 47, you can convince her that you will bring peace to Stalwart. With Athletics 42, you can torture her for information. Otherwise, just intimidate or threaten her.
  • You'll learn that the Unbroken are looking for the remains of Regent Aspison and the Steadfast Insignia. Learning about his mission to the breach unlocks Oldwalls Breach. Questioning her about the leader of the Unbroken unlocks Trapper's Junction.
  • After getting everything out of her, you can choose to kill her harshly, mercifully, or take her prisoner (she winds up trying to attack you despite her wounds, until you kill her).
Chorus and rebels
  • Travel to the Rust Canyons and meet with Elia, commander of the Unbroken forces. In return for the Chorus' or your protection (which you, as Fatebinder and Chorus/Rebel ally, can guarantee), she will agree to share her information on procuring the artifact needed to enter Sentinel Stand.
  • Now, you need to drive Teodor out of the Canyons. Head northwest and confront him. You can attack outright, or use Athletics/Subterfuge 40 to intimidate him (either intimidating his troops, which causes the Crescent Runner to flee, or baiting him into fighting you). The same goal can be achieved with the Diplomat or Hunter background.
  • Kill Teodor and his men. Then, return to Elia.
  • Enter the fort as the Disfavored attack. Defend it, first by the eastern gate, then by the main one. The attack forces typically consist of an Iron Walker with two Stone Shields and a caster (Forge-Bound or Earthshaker) backing them up.
  • After they're disposed of, head north-east, over the drawbridge. Kill the Disfavored found here. Talk to Elia.
  • Now she asks you to clear a way so that she can evacuate her men. Head to the north-west and find Jacomus and his troops. Kill them. It's a good idea to fall back east, behind the walkway, as there's a chance that Jacomus won't follow and you'll only have scouts and mages to contend with. Then, it's a simple matter of killing him.