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Tarkis Arri is a character in Tyranny.


Before you stands Captain Tarkis Arri, de facto leader of the dwindling Vendrien Guard. Short, sunburned, and agitated even when standing still, her body is a compact sculpture of muscle and bone, and her face is short on symmetry thanks to the scars and dents of a dozen brushes with death.


This character is involved in quests. The Oathbreakers
Assault on the Citadel
Forging an Alliance
Unlikely Allies
Heated Words
Battered but Unbroken


Non-Rebel paths
  • Assault on the Citadel: Captain Arri is the ultimate challenge. Taking her down breaks the spine of the insurgency and allows you to claim Ascension Hall. For her role in the insurgency, you can have her thrown off the top of the spire.

Arri will be your point-woman in the Rebel path, the first leader of the factions of the Tiers to join you (literally, as the faction leaders will gather in Ascension Hall).