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Taking the Outer Valley is a quest in Act I of Tyranny.


The Scarlet Chorus are currently attempting to secure the outer ring of Vendrien's Well. You'll need to help them deal with rebel forces in the area before Kyros' armies may safely march upon the Citadel. Work with the Chorus to subdue the secondary rebel forces operating out of Tripnettle Wilderness. Defeating these rebels will ensure that Kyros' forces will avoid a rearward attack when advancing upon the Citadel.


  • When you met with the Archons, you learnt that the Scarlet Chorus has an ongoing operation in Tripnettle which hasn't proven successful. Speak with the Fifth Eye at the Scarlet Chorus camp and see what you can do to assist.
  • The Fifth Eye believes that the rebel captive Variah in the Scarlet Chorus camp might have crucial information about rebel movements in Tripnettle. He would like you to interrogate her while he observes.
  • Talk to Variah Kel bound near the execution arena.
    • With Athletics 20, you can intimidate her into telling the truth.
    • With Subterfuge 30, you can detect that she's lying.
    • Or you can threaten to feed her to Nerat, which will crack her open.
  • Either way, this will produce a ciphered missive from the body of her companion. You can let Fifth Eye slay her for the apparent lie or have him spare her and start an initiation rite This decision incurs wrathSymbol scarletchorus.png. You can choose to make her a murderer by telling her to kill her other two comrades, an agent (gaining an insider)This decision incurs WrathSymbol vendrienguard.png, or simply use her as a slave and pig chow This decision grants FavorSymbol scarletchorus.png.
  • Once decided, Fifth Eye bemoans the fact that the message is gibberish. Lantry pipes up and claims that he knows how to decipher the Vendrien Guard message you acquired from the dead prisoner.
    • The decision is a bit more involved and allows you to be as accommodating or as confrontational to Chorus as possible. To wit:
      • You can order him released into your custody. This decision incurs wrathSymbol scarletchorus.png
      • You can defend him as a champion. This decision grants FavorSymbol scarletchorus.png This will result in a combat encounter with two Scarlet Furies and three Hordesmen.
      • You can allow the Chorus to do with him as they please.This decision grants FavorSymbol scarletchorus.png Lantry will actually beg you to fight for him and promise to teach you all he knows about healing. Selecting this option again will result in him being fed to the Voices of Nerat.

Facing the Guard[]

  • Head to Tripnettle Wilderness. Talk to Fake Limp and make your way to the center of the area, to meet captain Pelox Florian of the Vendrien Guard. Note that if you slayed the Queen during the conquest, your only option here is to kill them all.
  • Confront him about the treason. You can attack directly This decision incurs WrathSymbol vendrienguard.png.
  • Alternatively, you can try to negotiate This decision grants FavorSymbol vendrienguard.png. His brother, Pelox Travost, if peace was negotiated during the conquest, will be here and support the notion of talking This decision grants FavorSymbol vendrienguard.png. The options are several (mentioning the blue flag of truce will unlock the most options):
    • If you negotiated peace at Apex, you can leverage your status as Peacebinder to convince Pelox to surrender himself to Voices of Nerat and buy his soldiers amnesty.
    • With Subterfuge 37, you can inquire about the Disfavored taken captive during the attack. Barik will act surprised, but Verse will quiet him down before he can blow your bluff. Florian will redirect you to Captain Tarkis in the field.
    • With Subterfuge 39, you can suggest that Florian give himself up, lying that a poison blade will be placed in his boot to assassinate the Archon. Florian will gladly sacrifice himself (the fool) and surrender himself to you, while his crew leaves. This decision grants FavorSymbol vendrienguard.png
    • With Lore 32, you can leverage your knowledge of Apex bloodlines and lie that you have Pelox Tyrel in custody and that you would like to trade him for Florian.
    • Mentioning the Chorus or suggesting that Florian turn tail and run will cause him to attack.
    • You can always just let everyone leave alive... But that will mean avoiding Fake Limp or getting away as quickly as possible This decision incurs wrathSymbol scarletchorus.png. This option must be selected if you want to play the Rebel path later.
    • Alternatively, kill everyone. This is tricky, as you will have to put up with the enemy reinforcements as well, attacking from the back.

Moving out[]

  • Leave the cul-de-sac. Fake Limp will approach and remark on Florian's surrenderThis decision grants FavorSymbol scarletchorus.png or sudden, inexplicable absenceThis decision incurs wrathSymbol scarletchorus.png, as well as mention that a patrol is returning. He will ask you to dispose of the incoming second patrol, consisting of four Vendrien troops.
  • Return to Voices of Nerat.