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Subterfuge is a support skill in Tyranny.


The Subterfuge skill determines a character's ability to move through their environment, to detect and manipulate hidden traps and devices, and to open locked chests and doors. It is also used in dialogue to determine your ability to deceive or trick the person you're speaking with.

Compared to other support skills, Subterfuge checks give more experience points than Lore checks, but less than Athletics checks. In New Game+, it may be necessary to shift points from other skills to boost Subterfuge (or train the skill with a trainer) as the experience gained from using it may not be enough for the skill to catch up with increased requirements due to increase in character levels.

Uses of Subterfuge[]

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During Dialogue[]

  • When talking to Sirin, getting her to talk about her father.
  • If on the Rebels path, persuading Barik that you are only using the Rebels. This is a big boost in Loyalty for him, and good for restoring the Loyalty lost in Act I.
  • During Tide Together, persuading Phoibe to reveal the existence of the Tome of Aqueous Metallurgy.

Uncovering hidden containers[]

Stone Sea