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Stonestalkers is one of the factions of the world of Tyranny.


The largest spanning Beast tribe in the entirety of the Tiers, the Stonestalkers were the original denizens of the northernmost tier. When the Kingdom of Azure formed, the humans fought against the Beasts, then known as the Meadowkin. Eventually, the humans prevailed, enslaving the Beasts for use as beasts of burden in transporting goods, plowing, and other hard labor. Though deprived of liberty, the Beast population nearly tripled during their domestication and service to the farmers and ranchers of the realm. However, like all Beasts, the Stonestalkers were born wild and yearned to range free, unfettered by humans within their own homeland.

In the turmoil created by Kyros' invasion of the Tiers and conquest of Azure, the Beasts rebelled and won their freedom, drawn to the enigmatic presence of Cairn, Archon of Stone. Inspired by him, the former slaves took the name 'Stonestalker' as their own and launched a relentless campaign of retaliation against humans in the Stone Sea, both their long-time oppressors and the invading forces of Kyros. Kills-in-Shadow was instrumental in shaping the Stonestalkers into a proper fighting force, as their instincts and combat skills were dulled by centuries of slavery. The deadly Shadowhunter joined Hundred-Blood in carving out a strong army that was notorious for its tenacity in battle, particularly against the Chorus.

After Cairn's defeat when Kyros proclaimed the Edict of Stone on Azure - creating the Stone Sea - the newly liberated Stonestalkers retreated into the wilds. The humans who have since encroached on their territory have been slaughtered, as under Prima Hundred-Blood, the Stonestalkers refuse to back down and return to slavery.


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Among the Stonestalker tribe of Beastwomen, the Rite of Blood is the ceremonial challenge whereby one Beast challenges the Prima for dominance. The challenger must defeat the Prima or be cast out of the tribe entirely. Depending on the viciousness of the challenger, a losing Prima may be killed outright, or exiled in disgrace. Another ritual is the Rite of Savagery and Stone, a coming of age ritual practiced by the Stonestalker tribe of Beastwomen in the Stone Sea. In order to earn its second name and place in the tribe, a broodcub must engage in a series of challenge fights. These fights are generally non-lethal, though accidents may happen.



  • In general, side with humans against the Stonestalkers.
  • Quests

Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Charismatic.jpg Charismatic Reach maximum Favor with a faction.
Intimidating.jpg Intimidating Reach maximum Wrath with a faction.
Savage Stone.jpg Savage Stone Survive the Rite of Savagery and Stone, joining the Stonestalker tribe.