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Stone Sea is a location in Tyranny. This region is the third (and last) stop in the Disfavored and Scarlet Chorus paths, before Act III. It is possible in the Rebel path to not visit this region in Act II; the Rebel path is the only path with this property.


The Stone Sea is the name given to what remains of the land of Azure after Kyros' Edict of Stone devastated the landscape. Once a rolling landscape of winding rivers and fertile plains, tectonic shifts have altered the landscape - choking rivers, collapsing roads, and altering the landscape for hundreds of leagues.

The region can be considered a stronghold of the Scarlet Chorus; the Voices of Nerat resides in Cacophony, and Misery is in charge of Plainsgate/Halfgate. In areas not dominated by the Chorus, the Earthshakers and the Stonestalkers clash over Cairn's legacy.