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Stone Down Gorge is a location in Tyranny. It is unlocked during the course of The Tiers Will Shake (Disfavored), Cairn's Final Song (Scarlet Chorus) and Blood Trophy (Anarchist). On the Rebels path, it is unlocked during Unlikely Allies after previously recruiting the Bronze Brotherhood.


The territory of Stone Down is a dangerous gorge, recently reclaimed by the Stonestalkers following the Edict of Stone's casting. The destroyed and half-buried buildings embedded in this gorge are the last remnants of one of Azure's former cities. It has since been taken over by the Stonestalkers, a tribe of Beastmen that aggressively guard their claimed territory. Stone Down Gorge connects to one of the few traversable routes leading north, making it a vital connection point in the Stone Sea.

Points of interest[]

  • Climb up the rope in the northwest (Athletics 61) to reach the upper plateau and a body that has Plans: Zeal and an Iron Pole.
  • Down the walkway in the southwest (a hidden area there has supplies and a Sigil of Illusion you'll find a pond. You can empty it by moving the boulder with the iron pole or Athletics 59. Right next to the pond is a Sage corpse with Sage's Journal Entry.
  • To the east of that pond, near the ruined buildings, is a dead body with a charcoal rubbing that contains the Sigil for the Aurora Spire. Another Azurelith harvesting spot is here.
  • The Beasts are to the south-east, in the ruins of one of Azure's cities. They are led by Hundred-Blood, though you will also meet Black-Maw and Speaks-for-Soil.
Non-Chorus path
  • You run into your first patrol just moments after arrival. Dispose of it, then head to the northern end to pick up some azurelith (Athletics 61). With the Azurelith Shard, go down the lower path.
  • Right down the way, you run into Octave. He'll attack when he recognizes you. Go East to find more Scarlet Chorus and another Azurelith harvesting spot.