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The whispers themselves seem to travel down the tether between you and your Spires, conducting heat that feels at times unbearable. They speak of your actions, your choices - everything that led you to this place. Your name is known, your banner recognized, your deeds reported across the Tiers and the Northern Empire alike.

Stirring Visions is a quest in Tyranny.


Whatever you did in Ascension Hall in Vendrien's Well has given you the power to interact with the Spire. Before you ascended the Spire, you had a vision when the Edict broke. Understanding this vision might help you better grasp this new power you have acquired.

The teleporter that brought you to the top of the Mountain Spire at Vendrien's Well has shut off and left you stranded atop the pillar. Perhaps the strange device at its center might hold the key to activating it once again.



Activation runes[]