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It's a symbol of Stalwart's determination in battle. Before the war, Regent Aspison wore it pinned to his cloak, and his soldiers grew more daring on the battlefield when they saw him enter the fray.
~ Elia

Steadfast Insignia is an artifact in Tyranny.


Fashioned in the likeness of a Stalwart battle standard, this emblem was worn by every First Regent since the Realm was carved from the stone of the Tiers. Originally nothing more than an officer's finery, the Steadfast Insignia was worn by every First Regent since before the Unbroken earned that name wore the badge into battle. The reason? As Stalwart folk are ever famous for standing their ground, the Steadfast Insignia eventually came to embody their immovable nature - the wearer can resist any charge, push, or shove. The Insignia developed a reputation as the architect of victory over time, and the secret of success on the battlefield. As its recognition grew, the armies of Stalwart learned to rise up against any odds when the Insignia was present - a streak that held with admirable consistency until the Insignia was lost amid Stalwart's war against the Northern Empire.[1]

The Steadfast Insignia's popularity was intricately tied to the war heroes who wore it. Over the years it became something of a rallying marker, and its presence alone accounted for many notable victories, and eventually became a badge of office of the First Regent - the highest honor and rank in Stalwart.[2] It was last worn by Regent Aspison, together with the Dauntless. It was lost along with the Regent when the Edict of Storms hit, destroying the Disfavored and Regent forces embattled near the Ocean Spire. The Regent died hours later, inside the Oldwalls - claimed by the Havoc.



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