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Standing Tall is a quest in Tyranny.


Enemy forces are marching on the Citadel in Vendrien's Well. Return to your Spire to assess the situation.


  • Teleport to the Spire. You will be immediately informed of the situation by your ally (Iron Marshal Erenyos, Fifth Eye, Tarkis Arri, or Fatebinder Nunoval).
  • The mysterious device will activate. Learn of your link to the Spires, the fact that you are their true master, then activate an Edict on the fools attacking you.
  • Head down to ground level and teach the fools a lesson in humility. You will run into a promoted fighter of the faction set against you (Death Knell or Ceveus). With Athletics 54 you can intimidate one of the to flee, while Lore 59 weakens all the mages they have backing them up.
  • Return to the Spire once all enemies are dead. Act II is done. You are the Exarch, no doubt about it, and soon the Archon of the Tiers.