Skills are the second aspect of Tyranny 's character system. The Fatebinder can have a total of 22 skills (6 combat, 5 support and 11 magic), while Eb and Sirin can have 23 due to an extra skill which is unique to them. On the flip side, Kills-in-Shadow can only benefit from 18, as her weapon skills are limited to One-Handed Weapons and Unarmed Combat.

Each skill is tied to a primary and secondary attribute. These determine the base value of the skill: The primary contributes skill points equal to 1.5 times its value, the secondary 0.5 times.

Skills improve automatically through use and contribute experience to gaining levels. You can spend rings to train skills by hiring trainers at the Mountain Spire, and Spires where the Training grounds and Library (magic skills) are built.

List of skills

Companion Only Skill

Skills and governing attributes

Primary Attribute
Might Finesse Quickness Vitality Wits Resolve
Secondary attribute Might Bows


Finesse One-Handed Weapons Dual Wield Magic Staff
Quickness Unarmed Combat
Wits Control Stone

Control Vigor



Control Gravelight



Control Illusions

Control Lightning

Control Emotions

Control Fire

Control Life


Control Atrophy

Control Force

Control Frost

Resolve Two-Handed Weapons Lore

Cut skills

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