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Sirin is one of the companions. She's recruited in Act II.


Sirin was born in 416 TR, in an anonymous farming village in the North, 20 miles from Shadow's Rest. Her magical abilities manifested at a very young age, when she cried for the first time. Her parents quickly learned anyone who heard Sirin’s voice was compelled by the emotion behind it. Her father, a callous person seemingly devoid of emotion, immediately saw the profit in her skills and toured her around the villagers, selling her voice for rings. Sirin's mother accompanied her on these excursions, the one person in her life who did not treat her as an instrument to be used. For five years she grew, torn between her role as a singer and the desire for a normal childhood. Her powers grew too, unmoderated by wisdom. She killed her first person at five, forcing her mother to miscarry through a song. Though she blamed it on nature, she never really forgot the circumstances and feared her daughter's voice - but loved her all the same.[1]

Her father had other plans. The power of her voice made her a valuable commodity and unbeknownst to either his wife or daughter, he made a pact with Kyros. In exchange for her power, he would be paid a handsome sum. When Sirin and her mother were away, he sowed seeds of discord among the people of the village, stoking fear and hatred. By the time they returned, the village was waiting for them. They seethed with anger, ready to pounce on their prey. It started with a simple, hateful shout. That little bitch killed my crops! Sirin remembers how the first rock hit her mother, how she curled up around her child, shielding her from the rocks thrown by the crowd. She also remembers her screaming, crying, and the slaughter that unfolded around her. Her powers drove the villagers to madness and they slaughtered each other with whatever was at hand. She was at the center, crushed by the weight of her dying mother.[2]

She was taken into Kyros' custody and put into training. She was tutored by the finest mages in the Empire, skeptical of her powers. They underestimated her prowess. She proved them wrong. At eight, she found herself alone in a class with an older teacher. The heat of the summer day was immense and the room had windows wide open. The bored Sirin started wordlessly singing, gesturing as she performed, and slowly wormed her way into the teacher's mind. She dominated his mind and caused him to look out the window, leaning out just a bit too far... The mages were furious and demanded her tongue. Kyros denied the request, but increased security was put in place: Two teachers with her at all times, with two deaf guards protecting and controlling her to boot. Sirin considers this the Overlord's one kindness, given that without her tongue, her magic is not even a fraction of its power.[3]

She trained for four years, two of dedicated training, and a further two with field work, performing miracles in Kyros' name. At ten, she was taken to Kyros' capital as a courtier and entertainer in her personal employ. Providing entertainment for the receptions hosted by Kyros, she was the star of the evening and had an ambiguous position in the power structure of the court. She had enough influence to track down her father after five years and have him brought to the court. Their meeting was one of apathy met with a faked attempt at reconciliation: He hugged her, after arranging for the death of Sirin's mother and her own sale into Kyros' service. She retaliated, slowly weaving a song of melancholy and depression, driving him to suicide. Her last memory of him is the dagger cutting through the jugular, as the reality of killing his wife and selling his daughter into slavery sunk in.[4]

Her popularity grew unabated, until one fateful day when the twelve year old Sirin was called to perform before the Overlord. Years of training made her power subtle and discreet. She did not have to voice commands, merely think them. So during the peak of her performance, she added a counterpoint, suggesting that the Overlord drive a sword through her own heart. Kyros asked her royal guardsman for a blade as Sirin sung and held it in her arm, when Sirin lost her cool. The spell broke and the Overlord screamed. The official version was that she was cheering Sirin on, but the Songbird knew what happened. She awaited her execution, but it never came. Instead, Kyros and Voices of Nerat fitted her with the headdress. Through various magics, it suppressed her power. She would no longer be able to exert total control over people, merely persuade them with her voice - and if anyone was aware of her powers, they'd naturally resist her.[5]

To make things worse, Kyros banished her from the court into the service of the Voices of Nerat. The abomination was a master unlike any other - except her father. It used Sirin to influence the Scarlet Chorus, driving it into a frenzy when needed, placating when necessary, and recruiting new meat for the ranks. Her abilities were studied by the Blood Chanter Guild and used to develop the Sigil of Emotions. And Sirin herself was a subject of intense scrutiny for the Voices of Nerat. She interacted with its mind many times, never speaking with the same person... And discovering untold horrors and depravities as she did so. If there is a place where nightmares are born, it's whatever passes for Nerat's imagination.[6]

Used as a recruiter and morale booster during the Tiers campaign, Sirin eventually fled Nerat's control, establishing a little cult in Lethian's Crossing. The clash between the Disfavored and the Chorus couldn't have come at a more opportune time...[7]


This character is a party member.
This character trains skills. Regular trainers can train skills up to 75.

Subterfuge (+5 ranks) at Loyalty 2

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With Bastard's Wound, Sirin can learn something new from the ancient Oldwalls parchment


  • Sirin is first encountered at the Scarlet Chorus camp at the eve of the attack on the Citadel. She will enthrall the Fatebinder and attempt to make them remove the helmet. Thankfully, if the Fatebinder and party are not able to break free of her will, the Furies accompanying the Archon are there to stop them.

Other interactions[]

  • Sirin is a strong supporter of the rebel cause, hating Kyros with a passion, particularly the Chorus. Understandably, she balks at working for the Chorus, gaining major Fear when you commit particularly heinous deeds, such as sending Amelia and her baby to Nerat. On the other hand, she will appreciate kind and caring actions.
  • Sirin has an unique interaction with Kills-in-Shadow: After asking Killsy about the current situation, if she asks about siding with the Tiersmen and talk back, you can backhand the Beastwoman. If Sirin is present, she will offer to sing a song of pacification. Accepting it earns Major Fear with Killsy (as you did not assert your dominance) and Average Loyalty with Sirin. If you refuse, you gain Major Loyalty with Killsy and Average Fear with Sirin.

Combat role[]

See Sirin talents for a complete breakdown of Sirin's talents.

Sirin is geared towards support roles, both offensive and defensive. She has two distinct talent trees, Peace and War, which allow to free allies for effects or revive them in combat (Peace) or debuff enemies and affect their battlefield locations (War).

Sirin was designed to control and manipulate the flow of battle by afflicting her foes with terrible sicknesses of the mind and body. Sirin’s power as an Archon grants her the unique ability to influence others with song (Those who played Pillars of Eternity’s Chanter class will be familiar with her mechanics). In combat, she will passively sing, causing minor blights and hindrances to foes that hear her voice, as well as subtle benefits to her allies.

As Sirin sings, she builds up a resource called ‘Breath’ that is later used to perform an ‘Aria’. Arias unleash powerful concentrated magical effects from Sirin’s voice on those she directs it towards. These effects can be devastating for enemies, or invigorating for her allies, depending on the Aria performed. A unique progression tree is used for Sirin’s songs that is automatically advanced as she gains levels, unlocking new songs, while Arias must be purchased exclusively from her two talent trees. Overall, the focus from each tree is directed towards either making Sirin a peaceful songstress who aids her allies with powerful beneficial effects, or an aggressive weaver of vengeful arias who aims to break her enemies where they stand.

Sirin's songs are designed in a way that allows to be used without maintenance (general songs) or to counter specific situations, such as enemy types or group composition. She is most effective over the long term, but care must be taken to avoid having her run out of Breath. If properly maintained, Sirin can absolutely devastate enemy groups or tip the scales decisively in the Fatebinder's favor. Of course, reaching the apex of a song's influence takes time and Sirin is particularly vulnerable (moreso than other party members) to heavy objects applied to the face. In other words, pay attention to her.


Note that gaining Loyalty with Sirin is relatively more difficult compared to other companions, especially if you did not go to Lethian's Crossing or the Vellum Citadel during the Conquest, or do not include her in your party.

  • Conquest:
    • Send her first flock, who she felt was "decidedly unpleasant", to the Chorus.
    • Allow her to continue the Right of Challenge when she leads the Chorus at the Vellum Citadel.
  • Sirin appreciates kind, trustworthy ways.
  • Interactions:
    • When recruiting her at Lethian's Crossing, first compliment her ("Very nice....."), then invite her to join you ("...I want you to join me...").
    • Show her compassion and promise, after talking to her about her mother, that you would never ask her about her mother's death again (Major).
    • State that her father deserved his fate.
    • Allow her to sing Killsy a song of pacification (Average).
    • Encourage her as she examines the formation in Cairn's Passage, and during interactions concerning the Ancient Oldwalls parchment.
  • Quests
    • Spare the Beastchild.
    • End the Edict of Stone on the rebel path.
    • Have Sirin talk to Flatfoot Ferris during the Magebane/Raetommon quest.
  • Sirin dislikes cruelty and controlling ways.
  • Conquest:
    • Allow the Disfavored to slaughter her first followers.
  • Interactions
    • Refuse her offer to pacify Killsy with song.
  • Quests:


Behind the scenes[]

  • Nick Carver and Robert Land were responsible for developing her backstory and gameplay implementation.

Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
By Our Powers Combined.jpg By Our Powers Combined Successfully use a combo ability with each Companion in the game.
Inspiring Leader.jpg Inspiring Leader Reach maximum Loyalty with a Companion.
Magnetic Personality.jpg Magnetic Personality Recruit every Companion character in the game.
Tyrant.jpg Tyrant Reach maximum Fear with a Companion.


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