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Sigil of Emotions
EffectManipulate the enemy's mind and emotions
Expression Sigils
Sigil of Focused Intent: Spell affects a single target nearby (touch-like)
Sigil of Channeled Strength: Spell is cast in a cone originating from the caster
Sigil of Distant Impact: Spell creates a ranged magical bolt, affecting the target and a small area around it
Sigil of Proximate Action: Spell creates an aura around the target
Sigil of Influential Domain: Spell affects targets in a circular area

Sigil of Emotions is a Core Sigil in Tyranny.


The energies evoked by the Sigil of Emotions both fortify and undermine the mental humors, creating passions in the target ranging from apathy to blinding rage. The Blood Chanters of the Scarlet Chorus are the self-professed masters of the Sigil of Emotions, having developed the technique through the study of Sirin, Archon of Song.