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Securing The Sea is a quest in Tyranny.


Graven Ashe has approved of Caedis' and Radix's plan to destroy the land of the Stone Sea in order to sabotage Nerat's ability to farm and produce food for his troops.


  • Radix is awaiting your return at Howling Rock. Report back to him and begin the next steps in the plan.
  • Caedis and Radix tell you about a missing group of Earthshakers. Travel to Gulfglow Oldwalls and find out what happened to them. Talk to Lycon and Basilon.
  • The group of Earthshakers are in a standoff with a band of Beastmen from the Stonestalker tribe. Assist the Earthshakers and kill or negotiate with the Beastmen at Gulfglow and inside the Gulfglow Spire. Red-Fang is your point of contact.
  • Approach the entrance to the Spire. You can get through the beasts by snarling at them. Enter and talk to Red-Fang. As you are working with the Disfavored, she needs to be put down. Slaughter all the beasts at Gulfglow, inside and outside.
  • Return to Basilon. Take the harvested Azurelith Crystals. Pick up three more Azurelith samples from the Stone Sea (eg. Stone Down Gorge or Gulfglow itself).
  • Return to Radix. Begin the Ritual of Fallowing.
  • The Chorus attacks. Head out to the central plateau and kill the attackers, then realign the node. Lather, rinse, repeat at the quartermastery and then near the runic hall.
  • Cairn is dead, but the Stone Sea is blighted, forever.
  • Talk to Radix. If you want, harvest a piece of Cairn. Otherwise, return to Graven Ashe.