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Search and Rescue is a quest in Tyranny. This quest is unavailable if you have access to Plainsgate.


A group of scavengers who set out for Stone Down haven't returned. Grayson wants you to find out what happened to them.


  • Head to the Gorge and talk to Stone-Warden. You will be permitted to release the scavengers if:
    • You released Left-Claw during In Chains, earning a favor. However, freeing the scavengers before completing In Chains allows you to free Left-Claw without incurring Wrath with Tunon.
    • You have the Hunter background.
    • You are a member of the Stonestalkers.
    • No Stonestalkers are alive to stop you. This should be used during a Disfavored run since you have to kill them anyway.
  • Return to Grayson for a reward.