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Scarlet Chorus camp is a location in Act I of Tyranny.


The Scarlet Chorus have taken residence within the decayed walls of an old fortress. It is currently the base of operations for the Voices of Nerat's campaign in the valley.

Points of interest[]


  • Right by the entrance there's a pair of gang bosses quarreling and a quick opportunity to earn Favor with the Chorus or Tunon.
  • Outside the eastern wall is an overturned cart with a locked chest (Subterfuge 30) containing some rings and gems.
  • The entrance is another opportunity for quick Favor with the Chorus: With Athletics 30, you can intimidate the Horde guard by pushing her to the ground once she raises a fuss.This decision grants FavorSymbol scarletchorus.png


  • Fifth Eye stands in front of the tent
  • Right next to Fifth Eye is a scroll that unlocks the Sigil of Illusion (Lore 32).
  • Sniggler Dagos is right next to Fifth Eye, with his modest wares.
  • Baz and Regg are right opposite the entrance and are tasked with taking care of you while you're in the camp, like Lucia and Marcus among the Disfavored.
  • Variah Kel and Lantry are by the central podium, though you need to talk to Fifth Eye first.
  • Salveros is the emissary of the Disfavored assigned to the camp. Found by the south-western wall.
  • Death Knell stands by the workshops.


Characters that appear after completing Tripnettle Wilderness