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Scales of Mercy is an artifact in Tyranny.


The Scales of Mercy are an expression of the Fatebinder's role inspired by the Court.

Twin pans - engraved with the names JUSTICE and CONFLICT - are perfectly weighted, and tip by an invisible force seemingly when you aren't paying attention. Tunon has been known to grant scales like these as gifts to ambitious pupils, offering no explanation of their function or purpose. They are useless for measuring tangible weight, yet they appear to measure something, as the pans are always in motion. The most Tunon has ever offered by way of an answer was to tell a pupil, "Contemplate the role and your place within it. Are you justice, the hammer it swings, or the pedestal on which it stands?"

Past Fatebinders believed that the riddle has no answer, and Tunon simply wishes each of his pupils to arrive at their own conclusions. Others wondered if Tunon himself seeks an answer, and in observing the progress of his Fatebinders he wages a battle of self-discovery.