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Salveros is a character in Tyranny.


A Disfavored officer assigned as a liaison with the Scarlet Chorus, as punishment for suggesting to Iron Marshal Erenyos that the Chorus could be utilized more effectively. His stint at the Camp instructed him... Otherwise.


This character has other interactions.

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Other interactions[]

  • Salveros offers insight into the situation in the camp and the strained relations with the Chorus. He also offers a number of opportunities for gaining and losing favor with the factions.
  • After The Battle of Echocall Crossing, Salveros is found at the Scarlet Chorus camp arguing with Bitter Quip. He accuses the Blood Chanter of killing two Disfavored by proxy, as the Chanter's spell of Frenzy, cast to keep two insurgents in the battle and thus eliminate them, contributed to the death of Devona and Ceveus the Swift in the skirmish. He insists that Quip be sentenced. Quip, on the other hand, cites Magician's Folly, a Kyros law that specifies the mages are not at fault if someone was harmed and the magic was cast for the glory of the Overlord.