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Rust Canyons is a location in Tyranny, unlocked after:


Kyros' magical storms bored through these once-fertile hills, creating the winding, dust-strewn canyons present today. The process killed both Disfavored and Unbroken soldier alike, and now their corpses remain embedded in the earth. The Unbroken built a fortified camp here, and another group holds a choke point to the southeast. It's essentially a scavenger's warren - garbage fortifications surrounding pits where the Unbroken sift through the rubble in search of an artifact to let them into Sentinel Stand.

Points of interest[]

  • Head forward to find a Resolute Blade struggling to survive despite his wounds. Teodor approaches to put him out of his misery. Elia then appears to taunt him.
  • Teodor's camp is in the north-west. Scavenge the crates for loot.
  • Approaching the Unbroken camp will trigger a conversation with Elia.
  • Head south-east to find the Disfavored prisoners. The Bronze Armiger will start a conversation that will only end in tears if you're following the Disfavored or Anarchist paths.
  • The inside of the camp can be accessed through the main gate or the eastern gate.
  • Inside, you'll have to reach the small plateau on the right hand side to shoot out the winch and reach Elia. This completes the That Which Remains quest.
  • Beyond the gate there's more Unbroken. A small camp is located in the north-eastern corner. To dislodge the boulder, you need the Sturdy Metal Pole or 35 Athletics. The locked chest inside contains Harm's Way.
  • The plateau overlooking the Disfavored camp has a hidden cache with Unstoppable Force. You can learn of its existence by saving the Disfavored prisoners in the south-eastern corner.


  • Teodor, Disfavored commander
  • Anwen, Disfavored merchant
  • Elia, Unbroken commander