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TypeLegal tender
Additional characteristics
IDmoney_01_cr (copper)
money_01_br (bronze)
money_01_ir (iron)

Rings were first introduced by Kyros in the early years of the Northern Conquest. The currency of the divided realms was of questionable value and easily counterfeit, and rings offered the promise of a shared economy simple enough for anyone to understand. Today they are the standardized currency across all the known lands of Terratus. Their commonality and ease of transportation quickly made rings the preferred unit of trade even in realms where Kyros' Peace is not observed.

These thin loops of metal are carried on a rope, string, or leather cord worn about the waist or neck. Each ring is not solid - the ends may be pulled apart to remove a ring from the cord and used as payment. There are three metals used in Kyros' ring currency: copper, bronze, and iron (The bronze used in currency is a weaker alloy than that found in bronze weapons and armor). 1 bronze ring is equal to the value of 100 copper rings. 1 iron ring is equal to the value of 100 bronze rings. Early in Kyros' Empire, the weight and value of each ring was standardized. Counterfeiting rings in Kyros' Empire is punishable by death.

As rings are used as currency, it is considered vulgar to wear rings as adornment or jewelry. Such decorations are seen as vulgar, and those who wear them are held in contempt.

All rings earned in a playthrough will carry over into New Game+.


  • ImperialIronRing L.png The iron ring is the largest denomination - valued at one hundred bronze rings, or ten thousand copper rings. Only the Forge-Bound of the North know the secret to forging iron in such small and delicate detail, and each of these iron rings is worth more than a peasant's yearly earnings. ( ImperialIronRing L.png 1 = ImperialBronzeRing L.png 100 = ImperialCopperRing L.png 10000)
  • ImperialBronzeRing L.png Made from copper and tin alloy, the bronze ring is valued at one-hundred times the value of the copper ring ( ImperialBronzeRing L.png 1 = ImperialCopperRing L.png 100) - also known as a hand-of-hands.
  • ImperialCopperRing L.png The copper ring is the smallest denomination - making it the base unit of the Overlord's accounting. Traditionally, these are never worn on the hand as jewelry; only during active haggling and counting does one put these on the hand to quickly show groups of fives and tens.
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