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Each faction views your character in two ways: Favor and Wrath. As you gain reputation along each axis, you will reach reputation thresholds called tiers. Attaining a reputation tier can grant unique abilities to your character.

With Factions, abilities are unlocked at tiers 3 and 5, while with Companions, abilities are unlocked at tier 3. New Game+ allows you to import faction reputation abilities.

Factions and reputation[]

  • Reputation in Tyranny governs how major Factions and Characters - from Archons to Companions - feel about the Fatebinder. Reputation is measured on two scales: Favor and Wrath. Reputation affects not only the quests you are offered and how characters treat you in the world. It also grants unique abilities to the Fatebinder. Different abilities are unlocked for Favor vs. Wrath, granting different rewards depending on how the Faction feels about you.
  • Favor is one of two Reputation alignments that determine how a given character or faction feels about the Fatebinder in Tyranny. You improve Favor by aiding members of a Faction in combat, assisting them in completing Quests, and making choices that they approve of. As your Favor with a Faction improves, new abilities unlock for your Fatebinder. These abilities can be seen on the Reputation interface.
    • Wrath is the other side of the coin. You increase Wrath by killing members of a faction in combat and making choices that they disapprove of.

Tracked reputations[]


  • The Disfavored: Kyros' ironclad elite, the Disfavored follow Graven Ashe with unyielding loyalty. Proud of their heritage, they only allow those with pure northern blood to join their legions.
  • The Scarlet Chorus: Led by the Voices of Nerat. The largest of Kyros' armies in the Tiers. Growing in size with each battle, they embrace the Voices' teaching that everyone deserves only what they can fight for.
  • The Unbroken: Before Kyros' invasion, the Unbroken Blades were the finest soldiers in the Tiers. Weakened and scattered by Kyros' Edict, they cling to existence in the storm-wracked lands of the Blade Grave.
  • Sages' Guild: Keepers of arcane knowledge, the mages of the Vellum Citadel are all but destroyed after Kyros' Edict transformed their home into the Burning Library. The few who remain free lack purpose and leadership.
  • Bronze Brotherhood: A mercenary company predominantly found in the region of Haven. These fierce warriors idolize the Bane as the ultimate source of death and destruction.
  • Vendrien Guard: Ceremonial honor guard of House Vendrien, rulers of Apex before Kyros' invasion.
  • Forge-Bound: The mage-smiths of Kyros' Empire, they are the only ones who know the secrets of smelting iron from rock, or how to imbue magic into weapons and armor.
  • Stonestalker Tribe: The sole surviving Beastwoman tribe of Azure. After regaining their freedom during Kyros' invasion, the Stonestalkers retreated from contact with mankind.
While the following reputations are tracked, there are no abilities associated with them.
  • Lethian's Crossing: A small trading settlement before Kyros' invasion, the discovery of iron in the nearby mountains turned Lethian's Crossing into a center of commerce.
  • Stone Sea Villagers: The survivors of Kyros' Edict cling to life in the Stone Sea, struggling to eke out an existence under the weight of the Overlord's magic.


  • Tunon: Archon of Justice and loyal servant of Kyros the Overlord. Leader of the Fatebinders, Tunon's powers are feared by other Archons though none will provide details.
  • Graven Ashe: Archon of War and leader of Kyros' ironbound legions of the Disfavored. Rumor speaks of a magical link between Ashe and his soldiers, and that only a mortal blow will keep a Disfavored from rising to fight again.
  • The Voices of Nerat: Archon of Secrets, Kyros' spymaster, and leader of the Scarlet Chorus. Even his army fears the Voices' power - and the many minds trapped within his own.
  • Bleden Mark: Archon of Shadows. Rumor makes him Kyros' deadly assassin, though few will willingly speak of him for fear of drawing his gaze.


With Companions, Favor/Wrath are known as Loyalty/Fear respectively. Besides unlocking abilities (at tier 3), Companion reputation also affects the Companion's reaction to you, as well as their ending slides in the epilogue.

  • Lantry: Scholar, survivor, and chronicler, Lantry is a learned man of advanced age but youthful temperament. As a Sage of the School of Ink and Quill, Lantry is broadly educated in arcane and academic matters, knowing a wide variety of spells and secrets lost to the common Tiersman.
  • Barik: Permanently fused into a suit of armor during Kyros' Edict of Storms, Barik is a lumbering paragon of war. He clings fiercely to his loyalty to Graven Ashe and the noblest values of his Northern homeland.
  • Verse: A Tiersman hardened by conflict, Verse elevated in the ranks of the Scarlet Chorus by killing her superiors, sleeping with one eye open, and never drinking from the same canteen twice.
  • Eb: Allegedly the last member of the School of Tides, a mage guild specializing in magic of the moon and seas. A seasoned traveler and arcane scholar prior to the war, Eb has devoted her days to fighting Kyros' occupation of the Tiers.
  • Kills-in-Shadow: Last of the Shadowhunters, a Beastwoman tribe born from darkness. Ruthless and feral, she'll do anything to survive.
  • Sirin: Archon of Song with the power to control the minds and emotions of thousands with her voice. Sirin was captured by Kyros' army as a young girl and forced to serve the Voices of Nerat.


Artifact reputation has different mechanics, in that you can only gain Renown with them (by using them in combat). Artifact abilities are unlocked at tier 1, with the effects of the abilities increasing as Renown increases.

  • Dauntless: Legendary sword wielded by the Champion of Stalwart. This relic of a proud kingdom was thought lost when Kyros' Edict of Storms vanquished the Unbroken Blades
  • Steadfast Insignia: Fashioned in the likeness of Stalwart's battle standard, the Steadfast Insignia was worn by every First Regent since the Realm was carved from the stone of the Tiers.
  • Wave's Crest: Wave's Crest is an artifact of the School of Tides, a mage guild that was strong in Haven and Apex before being destroyed by Kyros' conquest of the Tiers.
  • Helm of the First Regent: The ceremonial helm of the First Regents of Stalwart. Legends say that the Unbroken Blades could never be defeated while their leader wore this helm into battle.
  • Magebane Helm: Crafted by Zdenya, Master of the Forge-Bound, this iron helm is imbued with magic created to ward against the Bane.
  • The Azure Shield: Once wielded by the Champion of Azure, the shield was captured by Beastmen of the Stonestalker tribe during Kyros' conquest.
  • Staff of Hours: The Staff of Hours was traditionally wielded by the Archivist of the Vellum Citadel, keeper of the Silent Archive.
  • The Face of Judgment: An iron mask worn by Tunon the Adjudicator until his death at your hands.
  • The Peacemaker: The battle mace wielded by Graven Ashe as he conquered the Tiers in Kyros' name.
  • The Final Scream: The two-faced bronze mace wielded by the Voices of Nerat until his defeat. The open eyes and screaming mouths flicker with the embers of green flames.
  • The Binding of Shadows: Worn for centuries by Bleden Mark, Archon of Shadows, the Binding of Shadows have absorbed some of the deadly assassin's ability to manipulate darkness.
  • The Gravebow: Lost in the Oldwalls for Centuries, legends of the Gravebow are sparse. They speak of an ancient Archon who led the fight against the Bane, driving them away from human settlements.
  • The Sunlance: Long lost within the Oldwalls, the Sunlance is a relic of House Vendrien. When the Bane broke free and terrorized the realm of Haven, a storied Queen of Apex drove the fell creatures back, sacrificing her life to the cause.
  • Tempest: Forged from lightning-struck iron found at the heart of a crumbled Spire, storms follow in Tempest's wake wherever it goes.
  • Deathbringer: Imbued with Forge-Bound magic and obsidian shards taken from the Burning Library, legends will speak of Deathbringer's power for centuries.
  • Snowfang: Snowfang is imbued by Forge-Bound artisans with the intense frost of the Northern winter.
  • The Staff of Cairn: Created by the Forge-Bound using a piece of Azurelith imbued with the essence of Cairn, Archon of Stone.
  • Heart's Blood: The Forge-Bound smith who created Heart's Blood understands the lust for pain and death. Wielding this magical blade provokes a nigh-overwhelming thirst for death.
  • Nightwalker Boots: Crafted from the hide of Rending-Hound, lieutenant of the Scarlet Chorus. Enchanted by Forge-Bound magic, these boots grants incredible stealth to their wearer.
  • The Baneward: Created by Forge-Bound artisans who imbued the shield with the essence of fallen Bane.
  • The Commander's Plate: Created by Forge-Bound artisans, the design of the bronze plate is inspired by Northern warlords who resisted Kyros' dominion for decades.
  • Hierarch's Robes: A departure from the normal craft of the Forge-Bound, these cloth robes signify the unification of magical knowledge and traditions.
  • Alchemist's Gloves: Imbued with Forge-Bound magic, the Alchemist's gloves harness the healing energies of the Orphan Midwife, Archon of Rebirth.
  • Scales of Mercy: Representing the Fatebinder's role in Kyros' empire, the scales balance twin pans inscribed with JUSTICE and CONFLICT.
  • Banner of Ardent: This fragment of the Banner of Peace was worn by the First Speaker of Ardent. It represents the peace and unity of the tribes that formed the great city of Ardent.
  • Hammer of Sunder: The city of Sunder was taken in the year 430, during the Disfavored's conquest of Stalwart. Most believe the city would never have fallen if the Hammer of Sunder wasn't lost long ago.

Unlocked abilities[]

Talent Effect Requirements
On defeat: Grant +3 Quickness, Finesse, and Might to allies in a 5m radius Stonestalker Tribe
Favor 3
+20% Endurance defense
+4 Might on allies in a 5m radius
Stonestalker Tribe
Favor 5
On melee critical hit: +6 Corrode damage vs. Parry to target every 6s Stonestalker Tribe
Wrath 3
28-36 Crush damage vs. Dodge
All foes in the path of the ability are Petrified
Stonestalker Tribe
Wrath 5
+1 Armor vs. Fire, Shock, and Frost Forge-Bound
Favor 3
+20 Armor vs. Fire, Shock, and Frost Forge-Bound
Favor 5
-10% Duration for Hostile effects Forge-Bound
Wrath 3
Remove beneficial effects from foe Forge-Bound
Wrath 5
+3% Precision Vendrien Guard
Favor 3
32-40 Fire/Pierce vs. Dodge
Targets in the path of the projectile are Sundered and Burning
Vendrien Guard
Favor 5
-2 Accuracy for foes in a 3m radius Vendrien Guard
Wrath 3
Drain 2 Resolve, finesse, and Might from foes in a 90 degree 5m radius cone and transfer them to the Fatebinder Vendrien Guard
Wrath 5
+3% Melee damage Bronze Brotherhood
Favor 3
Drain 8 Health from enemies in a 2.5m radius every 3s and transfer it to caster Bronze Brotherhood
Favor 5
Delay unconsciousness for 4 seconds Bronze Brotherhood
Wrath 3
Terrified affliction on target Bronze Brotherhood
Wrath 5
+10 Defense against spells Sage's Guild
Favor 3
Paralyzed affliction on target Sage's Guild
Favor 5
+6 Lore Sage's Guild
Wrath 3
Silenced affliction on target
Weak Interrupt
Sage's Guild
Wrath 5
On weapon critical hit, Frightened affliction on foes in a 2m radius The Unbroken
Favor 3
28-42 Crush damage vs. Dodge on foes in a 180 degree 5m radius cone The Unbroken
Favor 5
-1 Armor on foes in a 3m radius The Unbroken
Wrath 3
Weakened and Stunned affliction on target The Unbroken
Wrath 5
+2 Resolve on allies in 3m radous Disfavored
Favor 3
Target ally shielded for 80 damage for 30s Disfavored
Favor 5
Shielded for 40 damage if damaged severely Disfavored
Wrath 3
Disfavored do not benefit from Ashe's Aegis in the affected area Disfavored
Wrath 5
+5% Precision on targets below 35% health Scarlet Chorus
Favor 3
Rooted and Terrified affliction on targets in the target area Scarlet Chorus
Favor 5
+30 Defense against Bleeding and Burning afflictions Scarlet Chorus
Wrath 3
45-60 Raw damage vs. Endurance
Bleeding affliction on target
Scarlet Chorus
Wrath 5

Related achievements[]

Icon Name Description
Building a Reputation.jpg Building a Reputation Gain your first Reputation Ability.