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Recovery is the amount of time that a character spends between actions. Equipped Armor and Weapons have a large effect on Recovery, with heavier Armor and more damaging Weapons inflicting longer Recovery times. Spells are not affected by weapon recovery; this allows a shield/weapon combination for added defense (pick a thrown weapon to keep the AI from moving into melee range).

Certain Talents, spells, and potions can reduce a character's Recovery time, though it can never be reduced below a character's base Recovery. Recovery is suspended when a character is moving.


Specific abilities can Interrupt their target, delaying their action for a short duration. When a character is Interrupted, they will play a reaction animation and go into Recovery. When their Recovery is completed, they will resume their queued action.

An ability that interrupts the target can have one of three strengths: Weak, Normal, and Strong. The duration of the target's recovery period increases with each Interrupt strength level. An Interrupt applied to a character who is already in Recovery from a previous Interrupt will have no effect.