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Raetommon is a character in Tyranny.


A striking man with a shock of bright blond hair stands here, observing some men searching bodies of slain Disfavored soldiers. He watches you approach, his angular features constantly pulling into a look of disdain. During the Conquest, he made a deal with Kyros' forces, taking rings in exchange for protecting Lethian's Crossing and keeping his mercenaries away from Haven defenses. However, as the situation stabilized and the Bronze Brotherhood proved to be a difficult bed partner, Imperial forces attempted to remove the Brotherhood from the Crossing.

Raetommon took the resulting fallout between the Brotherhood and the Empire rather... Badly, behaving in an increasingly erratic and paranoid manner. He even distrusts his own bodyguard, First-Axe Welby, and believes she is colluding with others to deprive him of his position. Though he was always unstable, including slaughtering an entire village in retaliation for a perceived slight, this was a new height for him and it came after a night spent alone in the Oldwalls.

It doesn't take an Archon of Insight to realize that the Bane, the idee fixe of the Brotherhood, played a role in his descent into madness. Whispered to by the Havoc trapped in the Twin Rivers Oldwalls, right under Lethian's Crossing, Raetommon's personality cracked and then fractured, replacing an egotistical, but charismatic leader with an insane, gibbering maniac with delusions of grandeur, unwittingly carrying out the Bane's plan to escape its bondage and lay waste to all who encroach on the Oldwalls beneath the Sunset Spire.


This character is involved in quests. Iron and Blood, Blood and Bronze, Assault on the Crossing, Guardian's Return
Forbidden Passage, Finding a Madman, Finders Keepers, Crossing the Oldwalls


Other interactions[]

  • First encountered at the Ironhaul Trail, Raetommon is a rabid leader of the mercenaries, who apparently didn't notice that Kyros' forces have conquered the Tiers (if you haven't taken control of Lethian's Crossing during the Conquest). Annoying, rude, and arrogant, he will try to provoke you into combat. You can oblige him. However, he doesn't stay around to fight you, and you'll become an enemy of the Brotherhood.
  • Or you can swallow your righteous fury and put up with his asinine behavior. Note that remarking, however sarcastically, that the Brotherhood are upstanding citizens, is a cheap boost to Favor with the Bronzies. Calling them mercs achieves the opposite result. If not allied to the Disfavored, you'll be granted passage to the Crossing.
    • If you're already Anarchist at Ironhaul Trail, Raetommon will also refuse you passage, claiming that Kyros's forces have a bounty on your head.
  • In the Chorus path, you can send him to the Voices of Nerat at the end of the Lethian's Crossing quest chain.
  • In the Anarchist path, you can spare him, or spare him AND allow him to take Zdenya with him.